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The Linc - Eagles made right decision to keep Chris Polk

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 8/30/2014.

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Let's get to the links...

Why the Eagles won't (or shouldn't) cut Chris Polk -
Would it have been ideal if Chris Polk had played all throughout camp? Of course. But is Chris Polk a hell of a lot more valuable than whoever the 53rd guy on the roster will be? Unquestionably, yes. Unless the staff felt like Polk was dogging it (and there's no evidence that that's the case), the prospect of cutting him because a nagging hamstring injury kept him from participating in camp would be short-sighted and foolish.

The First Moves - Iggles Blitz
The only real surprise of all these moves might be the cut of Josey. While he was a lot of fun, you do wonder how his game translates to real games. It was fun to watch him run around defenders, but going against starting defenders is very different. The backup OL was dominant the last couple of weeks, which gave Josey plenty of running room. That’s not always going to be the case in real games. There are other factors. How did he do in pass protection? How did he do on STs? And you also wonder if there were any concerns about how his knee would hold up. Josey had a great summer and I hope he makes it onto someone’s roster or practice squad, whether the Eagles or not.

How Long’s Injury Affects the Eagles - Birds 24/7
The blow affects the Eagles at a couple different spots. At outside linebacker, Connor Barwin and Trent Cole are the starters. Brandon Graham figures to be the first rotational player. If the coaches feel first-round pick Marcus Smith II is making progress, Long's injury could mean more snaps for him. If they don't feel Smith is ready, Barwin should get used to once again playing a ton of snaps. He played the eighth-most snaps among defensive players in 2013.

Cowboys Fans Got Ripped Off More Than Any Other Fans This Pre-Season - Deadspin
There's no great secret that pre-season tickets are the biggest scam in the great cascade of scams that fuels the NFL machine. Season-ticket holders are compelled to pay full freight for two meaningless games played by guys they've never before or will ever again hear of.

A year after his kind gesture, Vick hears cheers - Inquirer
Vick took the field, pantomimed throwing the football once, and handed the ball off to running back Daryl Richardson. He took off his helmet, slipped on a visor, and jogged to the sideline, staying there for the remainder of the 37-7 victory that marked the end of the Eagles' preseason schedule. The entire sequence lasted less than five minutes, which was still more than enough time for the sparse crowd at Lincoln Financial Field to applaud. It was a small, if appreciative, ovation, an acknowledgement of who Vick had become, and what he had done, over his five seasons with the Eagles.

If Preseason Told Us Anything -
How much of what we see in the preseason translates to the regular season? Is what we saw from the Eagles a preview of what is to come starting on September 7?

Your 2014 Eagles Roster Predictions Rumble - MoK
Who's in? Who's out? That's what our trusty beat reporters are predicting. Here's the grand master list of predictions before (as) the actual cuts come out.

Why is there a giant Eagles helmet floating in the Schuylkill River? - T7L
As far as things floating in the Schuylkill River go, a giant inflatible Eagles helmet is a welcome sight. But why? Probably just some more unique marketing from the Eagles. We already liked the awesome wrapper they put on a SEPTA train and guess a giant floating helmet can appeal to a few thousand people at the Made in America Festival this weekend along the parkway. And yes, we had to look up how to spell "Schuylkill." Every. Single. Time.

SB Nation's 2014 NFL preview
This looks great. Check it out.

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