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Nick Foles goes undercover at NFL Fantasy Football draft (VIDEO)

(Video credit: Courtyard)

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Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Nick Foles recently "disguised" himself at Fantasy Football draft event taking place at a Courtyard (which is "The Official Hotel of the NFL", by the way) in Philadelphia. Hidden cameras were there to capture the action. You can watch the entire video above. Warning: it's cheesy.

Important observations:

Nick Foles is never going to be mistaken for The Master of Disguise. I don't think adding a mustache and sideburns did anything to hide his normal appearance. Plus that southern accent was unmistakable.

• Foles is still boring, and that's still OK.

• Actual dialogue from the end of the video: "That was a blast! So much better than being blindsided by a linebacker. Hey, you never know who you're going to see on the road, so keep your head up." ...wait, what?

• Foles is awfully marketable, huh? Just take a look at his Twitter account if you don't know what I mean.

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