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The Linc - Which Eagles running backs will be kept?

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 8/27/2014.

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Let's get to the links...

PS DGR – PHI 31, PIT 21 - Iggles Blitz
The battle for the Keystone State is complete. The heroic Eagles defeated the evil Steelers. Men, women, children, puppies and baby unicorns can now all rest easy and go about living their lives. There is no reason to worry, for at least the next 360 or so days. That final score is deceptive. If not for a tough holding call on a WR, the game would have been 38-7 at one point. The Eagles dominated the game. Part of that is on them for playing well, but we can’t ignore the fact that the Steelers were dreadful. I mean truly awful. It was shocking to see them play so poorly, August or not.

All-22: The Eagles And Four Verticals - Birds 24/7
At the start of training camp in July, Chip Kelly was asked about how Mark Sanchez was adapting to a new offensive scheme. "A lot of things that all of us do, no matter where you’re coaching… it’s still four verticals," he said. "We call it differently than the way Marty [Mornhinweg] called it, but they ran four verticals here at the Eagles. Marty runs four verticals when you watch the Jets tape. We run four verticals." Eagles offensive coaches mention four verticals often - usually when they're trying to get the point across that they're not doing anything all that innovative.

Eagles' Cole plans to defy Father Time -
WITH A FEW notable exceptions, pass rushing historically has been a young man's game. In the last three years, a total of 58 edge rushers - 4-3 defensive ends and 3-4 outside linebackers - have recorded 10 or more sacks in a season. Just seven of those 58 were 32 or older when they did it.

Who Makes the Roster: Running back - Inquirer
The trade for Kenjon Barner – the Eagles sent a conditional seventh-round pick to the Panthers last week – complicated matters for Tucker and Henry Josey. Barner, the Eagles said, can also return. There’s a kick returner opening if Josh Huff is either not healthy by the start of the season or if the Eagles think he’s not their best option. Barner also has an Oregon advantage, in that he probably wouldn’t be on the roster unless the head coach had him in college. Tucker and Josey are like those office managers that feel comfortable about their jobs until the boss hires his son.

Eagles see Sproles as viable backup for McCoy - CSN Philly
He’s indispensable but not invincible. How well the Eagles do this season, whether they repeat as NFC East Champions and go deep into the postseason, has quite a bit to do with LeSean McCoy. More specifically, it has quite a bit to do with McCoy’s health.

All Eyes On Placekicker Picture -
The numbers tell the truth: Nearly half of every NFL game is decided by 7 points or fewer and 24 percent are decided by a 3-point difference. Every moment counts in a game ...

Punt Brothers podcast: Every football team is going to be good - SB Nation
It's time for a college football episode! Problem: Jon Bois and Ryan Nanni, however well-meaning, are a couple of real ding-dongs. Solution: they talk to SB Nation's Bill Connelly, one of the most well-regarded statisticians in the college football world.

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