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Eagles roster cuts 2014: Remember when Julian Vandervelde dressed up as Batman on a local news broadcast?

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The Philadelphia Eagles waived Julian Vandervelde with an injury settlement on Tuesday in order to comply with the NFL's 75-man roster limit deadline.

Vandervelde's tenure in Philadelphia was far from memorable. I'd venture a guess that many people didn't even realize that he was on the team or who he was.

If that's the case, however, here's something to remember Vandervelde by. It's a pretty funny/weird video of him invading a local news broadcast dressed up as Batman. The video emerged shortly around the debut of the Batman movie The Dark Knight Rises in 2012.

This video also inspired Vandervelde's Twitter account name, which is very good: @Batmandervelde. Speaking of, Vandervelde left a goodbye message on Twitter shortly after the news about his release came out.

Good luck out there, Batman.