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The Linc - Trading Matt Barkley makes more sense than trading Mark Sanchez

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 8/26/2014.

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Let's get to the links...

Analyzing the Eagles' backup QB trade speculation - JimmyK,
Nick Foles is only 25 years old, which should give the Eagles less incentive to want a younger developmental QB on the roster behind him. If this were 2009 and a 32 year old Donovan McNabb were your QB, it would be more appealing to keep a guy like Barkley around to try to develop into a starting caliber QB. But with a young, promising QB in Foles and a capable vet in Sanchez in place, Barkley's value to the Eagles isn't all that great.

Chip And the Up-Tempo Movement - Birds 24/7
Bill Walsh predicted the up-tempo movement in his 1997 book titled, Finding the Winning Edge. In a chapter called "Determining the Future Dynamics of Offense in the NFL," he envisions a league where teams only huddle when the clock is stopped and use single-word audibles to call out a play.

Inside the Helmet - The Inside Zone Part 4 - ChipWagon
When the center gets to the LOS, you always see him pointing at somebody, right? Who? He’s pointing at the defender who has playside A gap responsibility, what Chip calls the "0 (as in zero) defender." He might be a down lineman, an LB, or a safety who has walked up. Regardless, it's up to the center to recognize who that guy is and point him out. Based on that, the O linemen count. The next guy out, whether DL or LB is #1, the next guy is #2, and so on.

Why would the Rams want Mark Sanchez? - T7L
It’s truly remarkable how quickly Philadelphia Eagles backup quarterback Mark Sanchez was able to rejuvenate his NFL career. With just three preseason games working largely against second- and third-string defenses, a sixth-year veteran in possession of a 71.7 passer rating is now the hottest trade asset in pro football. The moment news broke that St. Louis Rams signal-caller Sam Bradford was lost for the season to a torn ACL, speculation that Sanchez could be on the move was underway. In all honesty, though, why would the Rams want him?

Carroll's return marks debut of dime formation - CSN Philly
For the first time Thursday night, Nolan Carroll played in a preseason game. And for the first time, the Eagles sampled the dime formation they’re intending to showcase at times this season, the formation made possible by Carroll’s signing.

An Impressive Logjam At RB -
The numbers don't equate. There are six really fine running backs on the current roster. How many can the Eagles keep? Three? Four? More? ...

2014 NFL Preview: The Once-Proud NFC East | FiveThirtyEight
The Eagles are defending NFC East champions, and were owners of the NFL’s third-best offense1 last season. They’re the division favorites in the eyes of Las Vegas’s preseason over/unders. Expectations have escalated compared to the mood before last season, when the Eagles were coming off a disastrous 4-12 campaign with an unproven, gimmicky coach.

How Madden NFL turns players into pixels - SB Nation
Over the years, the Madden franchise has led the way in making life-like video games, from pixelated blobs to a look almost indistinguishable from the real thing. Sarah Kogod went to Baltimore to watch the EA team turn the Ravens into avatars.

Who could partner with Jim Harbaugh if he moves to another team? Maybe former 49ers exec Tom Gamble, if you follow the connections - Mercury News
And there is one name I’ve heard from a few people, an executive that Harbaugh knows and likes, and who happens to have ties with two of the franchises most likely to be on the Harbaugh Short-List if he should come available next off-season. That would be current Eagles and former 49ers personnel executive Tom Gamble. If you’re watching for what Harbaugh’s next move might be, the secondary name to watch is Gamble, who had a good relationship with both Baalke and Harbaugh during his time with the 49ers, and that, folks, is not easy.

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