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NFL Playoff Odds: Philadelphia Eagles are the 8th most likely post-season team

The latest odds from Bovada favor the Eagles in the NFC East.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The latest 2015 NFL playoffs odds from Bovada are out and the Philadelphia Eagles are listed as the 8th most likely team to qualify for the post-season. Only four other NFC teams (Seahawks 3, Packers 4, 49ers 5, Saints 7) have more favorable odds than the Eagles do. Here's the entire top eight.

Will this team make the playoffs?

1) Denver Broncos: Yes -500, No +350

2) New England Patriots: Yes -500, No +350

3) Seattle Seahawks: Yes -325, No +250

4) Green Bay Packers: Yes -220, No +180

5) San Francisco 49ers: Yes -220, No +180

6) Indianapolis Colts: Yes -220, No +180

7) New Orleans Saints: Yes -200, No +160

8) Philadelphia Eagles: Yes -150, No +120


Rather unsurpisingly, the Eagles have the best odds in the NFC East.

1st [8th] Philadelphia Eagles: Yes -150, No +120

2nd [18th] New York Giants: Yes +200, No -260

3rd [19th] Washington Redskins: Yes +225, No -280

4th [20th] Dallas Cowboys: +240, -300

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