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Eagles vs. Jets: Matt Barkley will start at quarterback in Philadelphia's preseason finale

Players not playing in the Eagles' final 2014 preseason game against the New York Jets include starters and several key backups.

Jared Wickerham

According to Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly, the Eagles' starters will not play in team's final preseason game against the New York Jets on Thursday, August 28th.

This announcement doesn't come as a surprise because starters typically never play in the final game. The last game of preseason typically serves as a chance for backups and reserve players to make their case for a roster spot, whether that's with Philadelphia or one of the other 31 NFL teams (or even CFL teams).

Kelly also announced that a few key backup players will be sitting out as well. Those players veteran include running back Darren Sproles and backup quarterback Mark Sanchez. Sproles, 31, obviously doesn't need the playing time to prove anything.

Sanchez has had a great preseason and would have likely shredded the Jets' backups to pieces, which would have been pretty fun to see. Second year quarterback Matt Barkley gets the start against New York. Barkley has had a decent summer but hasn't been overly impressive so Thursday will be a good opportunity to make a stronger case for himself.

Safety Nate Allen is not expected to play as well. Second year Earl Wolff will get a lot of playing time. If you haven't noticed by now, Allen clearly won this position battle. Allen has had a great summer and Wolff hasn't done anything to separate himself from the veteran safety.

Kelly said he hopes to keep rookie wide receiver Jordan Matthews out of the game but it depends on the team's wide receiver depth.

The Eagles play the Jets in Philadelphia at 7:00 PM EST on Thursday, August 28th.

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