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Jeremy Maclin, LeSean McCoy escape without major injury in Eagles win over Steelers

The Eagles can take a sigh of relief after some injury scares on Thursday night in their preseason game against the Steelers.

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Through nearly 20 training camp practices and three preseason games, the Philadelphia Eagles have still not had a single player suffer a season-ending injury.

It almost looked like that streak of fortune would change for the worse during the Eagles' 31-21 win over the Pittsburgh Steelers on Thusday night. Both star running back LeSean McCoy and starting wide receiver Jeremy Maclin suffered brief injury scares.

McCoy wasn't noticeably injured like Maclin appeared to be, but levels of concern definitely rose when he was seen running back into the locker room. It would later be announced that McCoy was getting X-rays on his right thumb and that those X-rays were negative. After the game Eagles head coach Chip Kelly downplayed McCoy's injury as a major concern.

"He seemed to be in good spirits," Kelly explained, noting he talked to McCoy about the injury on the sideline during the game. "I don’t think it’s a big deal."

McCoy later explained how the injury took place. "A helmet hit it," McCoy said. "It definitely hurts. But there have been times I’ve been banged up and it turns out fine. We’ll see what happens."

Maclin's injury scare was obviously way more concerning than McCoy's situation at the time it happened. When the Eagles' 26-year old receiver went to the ground without contact, many assumed the worst. Maclin grabbed his knee and the entire wind was sucked out of the stadium. Fears were quickly alleviated when Maclin got up and walked off the field on his own power. Maclin, who missed the entire 2013 NFL season by suffering an ACL injury in training camp last year, was able to dodge a major bullet on Thursday night. He even went on to make a catch after the scare.

"If I was fine, I was going to play," Maclin explained. "I got up fine. It wasn’t anything. I was excited to get back out there and play. I think God definitely had my back on that one. When I got up and I was walking, the initial shock kind of went away, and I was pretty good."

The good news is that both Maclin and McCoy probably won't play another snap in the preseason. The Eagles' preseason finale against the New York Jets will feature backup and reserve players only. Maclin and McCoy will have over two weeks to be ready for the team's 2014 NFL regular season opener against the Jacksonsville Jaguars in Philadelphia on September 7th.

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