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The Linc - Chris Polk needs to play

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 8/21/2014.

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Let's get to the links...

Eagles notes: Chip Kelly's Duck bias -
Of the 11 former Oregon players who are either currently on the team or were on the team a year ago, only Casey Matthews was with the Eagles before Chip Kelly arrived. There are concerns that Kelly relies too much on players he knows, while possibly missing out on better players with whom he is less familiar. In my opinion, those concerns are warranted.

Backup ILBs and More on Barner - Iggles Blitz
The starting ILBs look just fine. That’s the good news. Behind them is a bit of a mystery. Najee Goode is the #3 ILB. He played well last year. He played well in camp. But he has yet to stand out during the games. That’s not really a concern, but it would make you feel better if he had one game where you could go "Yep, that’s exactly what we wanted to see."

On the Marcus Smith Project - Birds 24/7
Billy Davis has a message for players who enter his office looking for feedback: "Be careful what you ask, because you are going to get the truth. Just be ready to handle the truth," said Davis, channelling his inner Colonel Jessup. The truth is that Marcus Smith is struggling. Davis has talked to the rookie outside linebacker about it, and was candid about it at his press conference this week when he said, among other things, that "the game is moving too fast in his brain right now in my opinion." He knew Smith would be listening.

The Eagles Staple Red Zone Call - ChipWagon
Those familiar to this blog will recognize this play right away. It's the mesh concept combined with a wheel route out of the backfield. The idea is to create traffic underneath and hopefully someone comes free on the crossing routes. The key on this play is the matchup that Damaris Johnson is going to draw against an outside linebacker. This should be a matchup under any circumstance but when you consider how much open field he has to cover on Damaris, there is no chance.

Polk's injury hurting chances to make Eagles - Daily News
WHEN A PLAYER tears an ACL or ruptures an Achilles' tendon or breaks his collarbone, no one questions his toughness or his desire. No one sits him down and gives him the you-gotta-play-hurt speech. None of his coaches openly suggest to reporters that he needs to get back on the field sooner rather than later if he hopes to secure a spot on the season-opening roster. Which brings us to Chris Polk.

Eagles-Steelers: 5 things to focus on Thursday - CSN Philly
Bill Davis wasn’t so pleased with how his guys played against New England, particularly in the second half. He called the effort after halftime "structurally unsound as hell." Not very encouraging. The starting defense gave up three touchdowns on six drives in the first two preseason games. As a whole, the defense was flagged 15 times against New England, many of which were called because of the league’s new point of emphasis. Oh, and Marcus Smith wasn’t very good against the Pats. The first-round pick got 73 snaps but didn’t do much with them, which led to the head coach sending him a little message.

Inside Training Camp: Eagles Making Moves -
On Inside Training Camp presented by Xfinity, we preview the matchup with the Steelers and analyze the Eagles’ roster moves …

The Sound and Fury of the NFL Preseason | Grantland
Attention NFL fans: Don't get excited if your team rules the month of August. (And don't be sad if they stink.)

NFL referee avoided Washington games for 8 years over name controversy - SB Nation
Former NFL referee Mike Carey revealed he was allowed to avoid Washington games for eight years due to his objections to the team's name. He joins a growing list of NFL and media personalities who will refuse to use the name this season.

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