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Cody Parkey Highlights Video: Because Kickers Are People Too

Kicker highlights!

Whenever the Philadelphia Eagles acquire a new player, I typically try to find a highlights video on YouTube to post here on Bleeding Green Nation so that you, the reader, have the benefit of learning more about said player. In the case of newly acquired Eagles kicker Cody Parkey, I did not expect to find a highlights video. Because, you know, well, he's a kicker.

But kickers are people too and they deserve highlight videos. So here's one I found. Enjoy.

Cody Parkey Scouting Report

Three-year starter in the SEC. Converted multiple game-winning field goals and has shown he can handle pressure. Efficient squib kicker. Works at his craft and takes the game seriously.

Average rise and hang-time on kickoffs -- lines the ball with limited lift. Long-range distance is shaky and struggles converting beyond 50. Non-factor in coverage.

Draft Projection
Priority free agent

Bottom Line
Three-by-two, soccer-style kicker with enough leg strength to warrant a chance in a camp, though he must prove he can more consistently handle kicking accurately from greater depths to earn a job.

Additional video

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

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