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Fantasy Football: Eagles Zach Ertz ranks as 12th best tight end

Which Eagles fantasy football players are ranked in the top 25 at their respective positions?

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Jim Rogash

The 2014 NFL regular season is fast approaching which means the fantasy football season is also heating up. Rotoworld's Pat Daugherty recently released a ranking of the top 25 players at each position and there are several members of the Philadelphia Eagles on the list. Let's take a look at where the Eagles players rank.


15. Nick Foles — Far less of a finished product than his absurd 27:2 2013 TD:INT ratio would suggest, Foles has to prove he can counter the league’s offseason adjustments.

Seems about right.

Running Back

1. LeSean McCoy - McCoy and Jamaal Charles are the two most dangerous backs in the NFL right now. There’s not a right or wrong answer at No. 1 overall. But running behind an elite offensive line for perhaps the league’s most run-minded coach, McCoy and his Sanders-lite cuts get the nod over Charles. Still somehow only 26 years old, McCoy has dropped a few pounds off his 2013 weight, and looked even more explosive in camp, where he’s been catching an "absurd" amount of passes. Gunning for 2,000 yards, someone has to be No. 1. McCoy is my pick.

What's there really left to say about LeSean McCoy? If you have the number one pick, just do it. Don't forget that he's had the benefit of using PEDS this offseason.

Wide Receiver

No Eagles wide receivers made the top 25. I wonder how many people will regret sleeping on the ever-so polarizing Jeremy Maclin.

Tight End

12. Zach Ertz — Improved blocking could mean more snaps could mean more targets could mean more receptions could mean more fantasy glory.

It's good to see Ertz is getting some early respect. He's going to be a mismatch nightmare if his strong summer and excellent rookie season (for a tight end's standards) are any indication, which they should be. The only concern with Ertz's value is that he's still going to split time with Brent Celek. Celek is arguably one of the best blocking tight ends in the league and he was productive in the red zone last season. Still, Ertz has a ton of potential.


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