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Lane Johnson, Zach Ertz share a bath tub (VIDEO)

Eagles quarterback Mark Sanchez filmed two second year players sharing an epsom salt bath together. They didn't seem very happy about it.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Mark Sanchez posted a pretty funny video on his Instagram page recently. The video features second year players offensive tackle Lane Johnson and Zach Ertz sharing an Epsom salt bath tub together while hanging out on their smartphones. Neither Johnson nor Ertz seem particularly pleased to be on film, so it looks like Sanchez is the one having fun all the fun. He titles this video "2 Guys 1 Tub".

Had to get these boys on camera snuggling up in the Epsom salt bath... Smh trying to hide their faces too! "2 Guys 1 Tub" starring: LANE JOHNSON and ZACH ERTZ @mykey_k @jkelce @gjkinne @bappnainezbino @brentcelek @rileycooper_14 @connorbarwin98 @brandonboykin #HotTubTimeMachine #2Guys1Tub

This isn't the first time Ertz has been caught sharing a tub. Just last week Eagles outside linebacker Connor Barwin posted a picture of him sharing a bath with Ertz.

You sure can't say training camp isn't a team-building activity.

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