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Philadelphia Eagles Training Camp Practice Notes: Jeremy Maclin burns Darrelle Revis then sits out

Philadelphia Eagles training camp practices notes from the team's practice against the Patriots in New England on Wednesday, August 13th, 2014.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Wednesday was the fourteenth day of Philadelphia Eagles training camp practice. It was a special day because the team practiced against the Patriots in New England.

There's a lot to talk about, so let's dive right in. I wasn't at practice so we'll take a look at some of the highlights from Twitter.

Galoshes required

Despite the rain, the Eagles and Patriots practiced outside. Chip Kelly on the rain: "I guess we will wear our Galoshes."

Special Teams

One-on-one: Wide Receiver versus Defensive Back

7 on 7

11 on 11

Murderleg's major struggles

0% chance he makes the team.

Chung's revenge?!

Fun fact: the Eagles will save $1 million in salary cap space if Chung makes the Patriots' 53 man roster.

Quick thoughts:

Encouraging to hear that Maclin was beating Revis, even if Revis isn't giving 100% effort. Seems kind of strange though. While it's true Revis doesn't have anything to prove, it seems odd to me that Bill Belichick accepts much less than 100% effort from his players during practice.

It'll be interesting to get an update on the Maclin injury situation. [Update: Maclin tweaked his hamstring. Says he's fine.] Maclin sat out of team drills during a few practices last week but ended up being healthy enough to play in the Chicago Bears game. Perhaps, as reporters suggested, something flared up with Maclin on Wednesday and he was sitting out for precautionary reasons due to the wet fields.

Speaking of wet fields, the rain seemed to cause a lot of sloppy play. The weight of practice observations should always be taken with a grain of salt, but especially so when conditions are aiding mistakes.

Up next: The Eagles are scheduled to practice again tomorrow, Thursday, August 14th back at the Patriots facility. I imagine it will be a light practice [see: walkthrough] because the two teams will play on Friday night, August 15th.

Remaining Eagles training camp schedule:

July 26 - [Practice Report]
July 27 - [Practice Report]
July 28th (Public Practice at @ LFF) - [Practice Report]
July 30th - [Practice Report]
July 31st - [Practice Report]
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August 14th (@ New England Patriots)
August 17th*
August 18th*
August 19th*
August 20th*
August 23rd*
August 24th*
August 25th*
August 26th*
August 27th*

* = Media only allowed to watch the first 20 minutes of practice starting August 17th.

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