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LeSean McCoy Has Been Using PEDS

That stands for... "Potential Enhancing Dryer Sheets."

You may have noticed that the Twitter account of Philadelphia Eagles running back LeSean McCoy (@CutonDime25) has been more corporate than usual in the recent week. It all started last Thursday, August 7th when McCoy tweeted out the following:

Then it continued over the next couple of days:

Then, on Monday night:


Ah, there it is. An advertisement for Bounce dryer sheets for men. Just the thing NFL running backs need in order to be able to rush for 2,000 yards.

Full transcript: *clears throat* Thank you all for coming. There's been a lot of talk about my workouts, and whether I've been using something that's helping me reach my potential. The truth is, yes, I have. I'm LeSean McCoy, and I've been using... potential enhancing dryer sheets (PEDS). That's right. Bounce for men. [audible gasp from the media audience]

At first, I had no idea. My equipment manager put it in my dryer without telling me what it was. I trust him, and I didn't ask a lot of questions, but when I got a whiff of that manly scent, I knew something something was different. I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to my friends, my family, and most importantly my teammates, for not sharing my Bounce for men dryer sheets. That was selfish and I will do whatever it takes to earn back your trust starting with giving all the guys on my team their own box, signed by me of course.

Through all of this, I've learned a lot. Mostly importantly, that to reach your potential, you need to smell like you can. Thank you, that's all. I'm not taking any questions, but you can take some Bounce for men."

Ha. Very cheesy, but it's at least a little funny at how it pokes fun at the NFL's PEDS policy. (Or at least that's what James Keane would say.)

McCoy's Twitter account finished up tweeting the following tweets.

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