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The case for Ifeanyi Momah: Eagles depth chart being looked at all wrong

Ifeanyi Momah has shown improvement this offseason, but is still looked at as a major long shot at making the roster.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

We know two things: Ifeanyi Momah has greatly improved this offseason and his competition for the sixth wide receiver spot is dreadful due to injuries and inexperience. With those two points in mind, we have to remember that Momah was absolutely awful last offseason and that the Eagles could easily make a waiver claim to fill the final wide receiver spot. That said, if the Eagles want to keep an in-house candidate, Momah may be the ideal candidate this offseason.

  • Forget that special teams matters for the sixth spot. While mostly everyone is caught up with the first four wide receivers on the team being locks, one of those players may not see action in that order. Josh Huff has been inconsistent in training camp and is likely pegged as a gunner and kick returner this season. As a rookie, he may not see the field much on offense and could realistically be the sixth wide receiver on the depth chart. The battle for sixth spot doesn't necessarily mean that the winner with be last in line. There are plenty of special teams backups that could take that spot.
  • Unlike Arrelious Benn, Jeff Maehl and Quran Pratt, Momah offers something completely unique to the Eagles roster. At 6-foot-7, Momah is the tallest skill player on offense and is starting to show that he can play to his height. The Eagles wide receiver depth chart is full of question marks with Jeremy Maclin coming off of injury, Riley Cooper possibly being a one-hit wonder, Jordan Matthews and Huff being rookies and Brad Smith being Brad Smith. Adding a potential redzone threat like Momah makes sense if that is his full role.
  • There is evidence that the Eagles think Momah at least has a shot at the roster. He started in the Eagles first preseason game and was targeted on the first pass. He has also been used frequently on the first team in training camp with Riley Cooper absent for the majority of practices. Why waste those reps on a guy you don't believe in? Why not start a veteran like Benn?

The bottom line with Momah is that he has to continue to prove himself. He has done nothing in the league and hasn't done much more as a training camp competitor. The more he can put on film in a positive light, the better his shot at the roster will be. It's on him, but as you can see, he has a major shot at making the Eagles final 53-man roster.

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