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Eagles Trade Options: Who could go? Who could be acquired?

Who is worth trading for the Eagles? Who is out there that the Eagles could trade for? BGN takes a look at six players that could be involved in an Eagles deal this preseason.

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Like most rumors, whispers of potential trades are quite frequent during the preseason. Whether it's a team showcasing an offensive player for a deal or just looking rid themselves of a player at position of strength, the noise somehow makes its way online and in newspapers. With that in mind, I was approached to write an article on which Eagles could be dealt and potential trade targets for the team.

I have included three players (with two honorable mentions) on the Eagles list that could be dealt. At this point, I only think one of those players is really tradable from a value, team priority and contract standpoint. Still, there have been player trades that have blindsided us before during camp (Joe Mays for J.J. Arrington to name one off the top of my head). I have also looked at three players that are likely to have a smidgen of trade value on other teams that the Eagles could have interest in.

Eagles to Trade

Brandon Graham

At this point, he should be referred to as BTG (Brandon "Trade" Graham). The poor guy has been hearing trade rumors since his third season and he is now heading into his fifth. Graham isn't likely to re-sign with the Eagles and he doesn't seem like the best fit for the defense, so it would make sense to get something for him with Bryan Braman in town and Travis Long getting rave reviews in camp. If a team loses a starter, it would make a ton of sense for them to offer a fourth or fifth round pick for Graham. I can't imagine the Eagles getting more than that for him.

Possible Teams: Lions, Vikings, Dolphins

Damaris Johnson/Arrelious Benn

I am grouping these two together because either of them or both could be on the outside looking in. Benn is a veteran with experience but also has an injury history, while Damaris Johnson fumbles uncontested passes and kickoffs in practice. Still, both could be of value to a team like the Browns, Jaguars or Panthers. Those teams have injury and depth concerns and adding Benn or Johnson for a conditional pick could be a solid move. Johnson has potential as a returner and depth receiver but his confidence probably could use a jump with a fresh start. Benn is a solid player when healthy, so again, a change of scenery after a solid preseason could put him in a better spot.

Possible Teams: Browns, Jaguars, Panthers

Honorable Mentioned:

Matt Barkley: CSN Philly's Geoff Mosher recently brought up the possibility of Barkley being dealt. With all due respect to Mosher, I really don't think it's likely Barkley gets dealt. He hasn't done anything and was a fourth round pick with a gnarly shoulder injury that took two years to get over. Also, teams typically don't trade for third-string quarterbacks unless they are run by Trent Baalke, who flings dung against the wall better than most. I joked on Twitter that Barkley's trade value likely rests between a 2017 seventh round pick and a travel thermos. I was obviously kidding, as Trent Cole likely has the team covered on travel thermoses. Barkley could get cut if he's upset by G.J. Kinne, but I put that at highly unlikely.

James Casey: As with Vinny Curry, the team likes Casey. His salary is guaranteed and he is terrific on special teams, which Chip Kelly has really put a premium on. If a team offered a fourth round pick if they lost their top two tight ends, yeah, the Eagles may listen. However, there are likely more appealing options for teams in that situation. You can look at the Jaguars, Cardinals and Raiders as teams that have rough tight end units. I am not sure Casey is worth an early Day 3 pick at this point.

Players to Acquire

Denarius Moore, WR, Oakland Raiders

Talk about a wide receiver that needs a change of scenery... Moore has gone from a No. 1 receiver on a young team to the No. 5 receiver on an old one. He is currently behind gems like James Jones, Andre Holmes, Greg Little and Rod Streater. Yikes! Moore is probably not consistent enough to be a starter in the NFL, but he could be a nice third guy on a team with an injury to one of its main pass catchers. If Jeremy Maclin or Riley Cooper were to get injured this offseason, Moore would make a lot of sense as he probably wouldn't cost much to acquire. He is also on the final year of his rookie deal, so he's cheap and won't impact the cap next season unless he emerges.

Daniel Thomas, RB, Miami Dolphins

Admittedly, Thomas has had a pretty underwhelming career with the Dolphins. That said, he has worked with Bill Lazor all offseason and likely understands terminology from the Chip Kelly offense. It seems like the Dolphins have wanted to get rid of Thomas since Joe Philbin was hired, even going so far as to sign Knowshon Moreno, who was a known injury-plagued back. Thomas could be of interest to the Eagles if Matthew Tucker doesn't work out or Chris Polk continues to have injury issues. Thomas could be an interesting third running back with experience and may be able to be included in a deal for Brandon Graham.

Stevan Ridley, RB, Patriots

Despite starting the Patriots first preseason game, Ridley has consistently been in Bill Belichick's dog house. A proven starter that is probably better off as a backup, Ridley could benefit from a change of scenery. The Patriots reportedly love draft pick James White and still have Brandon Bolden and Shane Vereen on the roster. Kelly and Belichick may be able to pull of a deal similar to last year's Isaac Sopoaga "blockbuster," by possibly swapping Damaris Johnson and a conditional pick for Ridley or potentially make a deal involving Graham. The teams will be practicing together before their preseason matchup, so both sides will have plenty of time to evaluate and discuss a trade.

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