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Cary Williams says New England Patriots are cheaters

Those Eagles-Patriots joint-practices should be interesting.


Philadelphia Eagles cornerback Cary Williams is not a big fan of the New England Patriots.

"They are cheaters. They are," Williams said after practice on Friday.

Williams was asked about the Patriots because the Eagles are scheduled to practice against them in a little over a week starting on Tuesday, August 12th. Then the Eagles will go on to play them in their second preseason game on August 15th.

Williams, who was thrown out of a training camp practice last year for getting involved in a fight with Patriots receiver Aaron Dobson, isn't looking forward to having to practice with New England.

"You don’t wanna give any team -- I don’t care whether it’s the Patriots or it’s the the dang Bengals, whoever it is -- you don’t want to give them an opportunity to look at your stuff. That’s just me, from a personal standpoint. I don’t want to show none of my cards. So to me it’s not benefiting us because they’ve already proven who they are (from Spygate), that’s their history. And I don’t like them, not only because of that, but because I just don’t like them. I played them three of four times in a row [in the playoffs]."

Williams went on to point out that the Patriots haven't won a Super Bowl since they were caught during the Spygate incident.

Williams has never really been afraid to speak his mind. After the Eagles practice on Monday that featured a fight for the second consecutive day, Williams said he liked seeing fights and he wants to see more. Then on Wednesday Williams said there was "no question" he's in the same class of players such as All-Pro cornerbacks Richard Sherman, Patrick Peterson, Darelle Revis, and Joe Haden.

It's safe to say Williams can be a little rough around the edges. It's also probably safe to say that Eagles fans still bitter about the team's Super Bowl loss to New England in 2004 don't disagree with Williams' sentiment.

Those Eagles-Patriots joint-practices should sure be interesting.

(Quotes via CSN Philly)

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