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Where does LeSean McCoy rank among the top 10 players in the NFL?

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LeSean McCoy is really good. But just how good is he?

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The finale of NFL Network's offseason fluff series Top 100 list debuts Wednesday night (tonight) at 9:00 PM EST and Philadelphia Eagles running back LeSean McCoy has been confirmed to be in the top 10. McCoy's exact positioning is not known yet but all will be revealed on the show. And if that arbitrary ranking, which is voted by the players in an unclear process, doesn't mean something to you, I just don't know what will.

So while we wait for this slow time in the offseason to pass, let's try to predict where McCoy deserves to land by coming up with our own lists of top 10 players. Here's mine:

1) QB Peyton Manning, Denver Broncos

Manning is coming off a largely unimpressive Super Bowl 48 performance but he's also coming off a larger sample size of a season where he threw 55 freaking touchdowns and only 10 interceptions. Manning was a near unanimous choice for the 2013 NFL MVP award (49 out of 50 votes). He plays the most important position and he's still the best.

2) QB Drew Brees, New Orleans Saints

Sticking with the quarterbacks to start. Brees threw 39 touchdowns to 12 interceptions last season. He finished with the second highest completion percentage (68.6%) in the NFL.

3) QB Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers

Somehow Rodgers finished 11th on the NFL Top 100 list. I'm guessing that was a case of someone trying to stir up controversy. Or at least I hope it was. There's no way Rodgers isn't at least a top 10 player.

4) DE J.J. Watt, Houston Texans

Check out these crazy numbers from 2013: 11 sacks, 36 QB hits, 38 QB hurries, 6 batted passes, 65 tackles, 8 assisted tackles, 67 stops. Watt is a force to be reckoned with.

5) RB LeSean McCoy, Philadelphia Eagles

There's no doubt in my mind that McCoy was a top 5 player last year. He led the NFL in rushing  (1,607) and yards from scrimmage (2,146), averaged 5.1 yards per carry, and only fumbled once. Best running back in the NFL.

6) RB Adrian Peterson, Minnesota Vikings

No disrespect to Peterson, but Shady is the best. In the last three years, McCoy has gained a total of 4983 yards from scrimmage on 941 total touches. That's good for an average of 5.30 yards per touch. Peterson has gained 4860 on 922 touches for an average of 5.27.

7) WR Calvin Johnson, Detroit Lions

Megatron is the best receiver in the NFL. He's probably going to get even better by working out with Future Hall of Famer Jordan Matthews this offseason.

8) CB Richard Sherman, Seattle Seahawks


9) ?? Jimmy Graham, New Orleans Saints

Jimmy Graham may or may not be a tight end (the NFL says he is a TE, for what it's worth), but there's no debate when it comes to how good he is. 1215 yards and 16 TDs for the Saints pass catcher in 2013.

10) QB Tom Brady, New England Patriots

I saw Brady live for the first time in my life during Eagles training camp last season. It's amazing how good he is during practice. That didn't really necessarily carry over for the Patriots during the regular season last year. He's still one of the best, but I'm not reluctant to drop him down on this list.


So to recap, I have McCoy as the 5th best player in the NFL. Too high? Too low? Just right?

Reminder: BGN will have a post up tonight when McCoy's Top 100 ranking is revealed. Please try to find a way to contain your excitement in the meantime.

[Note by Brandon Lee Gowton, 07/09/14 11:08 PM EDT] - McCoy ranked 5th. I was right on the money.