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Creative Philadelphia Eagles logos

A look at some unconventional Eagles logo ideas.

The Philadelphia Seveaglers?
The Philadelphia Seveaglers?

What would happen if you took different team logos from cities around the NFL and NBA and tried to merge them into a single hybrid logo? That's the question that's now answered thanks to imgur user RebelNutt15. You can check out the full gallery of logos by clicking that link, but for now here's what the combined logo of the Philadelphia Eagles (NFL) and Philadelphia 76ers (NBA) looks like. (Of course, this is a perfect tie-in for me because not only do I write about the Eagles here at BGN but I also occasionally have something to say about the Sixers at Liberty Ballers.) Here it is:


OK, so it's not my favorite. The 76ers text itself looks kind of forced, but then again I can't see a better place to work it in. What I do like is the red trim on the outside and surrounding the eye. The red white and blue color scheme is definitely interesting.

While we're on the topic of logos, check out these NFL logos redesigned as Corporate Companies from Behance. The Eagles are the new U.S. postal service:


Or how about this Eagles anime logo based off of Yu-Gi-Oh? Via Kissing Suzy Kolber:


And lastly, I would be remiss not to mention the hidden message in the standard Eagles logo that seemingly most of us discovered for the first time last week.


So, what do you think? Do you like any of the modified logos? Or is the original still the best?

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