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NFL MVP odds feature LeSean McCoy as the top non-QB to win

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Will a member of the Eagles finish as the 2014 NFL MVP?

Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

Bovada has released odds for the 2014 NFL regular season Most Valuable Player award and it's no surprise to see that the first eleven favorites are all quarterbacks. 37 out of 58 total MVP winners in NFL history have all been pass throwers. Five time NFL MVP Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning leads this year's list of favorites.

The first non-quarterback listed is of interest to Philadelphia Eagles fans, however, because it's none other than 2013 NFL leading rusher LeSean McCoy. While quarterbacks typically dominate the MVP conversation, running backs have had their fair share of wins as well (18 out of 58). McCoy shares  MVP odds (25/1) with six other players including fellow running back Adrian Peterson. There's been some debate this offseason as to whether McCoy or Peterson is the better running back. In this case, it's clear that the odds makers don't see a big difference.

Let's get back to the all-important quarterbacks. Philadelphia Eagles third year QB Nick Foles, who probably deserved some more MVP consideration last season, is the 13th most favored signal caller to win (40/1). The odds makers appear to be among those who believe Foles will regress to some extent. It's also interesting to see quarterbacks such as Jay Cutler, Matt Stafford, and even Robert Griffin III (among others) given shorter odds than Foles.

So what do you think? Will either LeSean McCoy or Nick Foles finish the 2014 NFL season as the MVP?

Here's the entire list of MVP candidates and their odds:

Peyton Manning                        3/1
Drew Brees                               11/2
Aaron Rodgers                          15/2
Tom Brady                                9/1
Andrew Luck                             16/1
Jay Cutler                                 20/1
Matthew Stafford                      20/1
Colin Kaepernick                       25/1
Cam Newton                             25/1
Russell Wilson                          25/1
Robert Griffin III                         25/1
LeSean McCoy                          25/1
Adrian Peterson                        25/1
Calvin Johnson                         25/1
Matt Ryan                                 33/1
Nick Foles                                40/1
Ben Roethlisberger                    50/1
Eli Manning                               50/1
Philip Rivers                              50/1
Tony Romo                               50/1
Marshawn Lynch                        50/1
Demaryius Thomas                    66/1
Matt Forte                                 66/1
Jamaal Charles                          66/1
Dez Bryant                                66/1
Brandon Marshall                      66/1
Julio Jones                               66/1
Jimmy Graham                          66/1
Joe Flacco                                100/1
Johnny Manziel                         100/1
Andy Dalton                              100/1
Eddie Lacy                               100/1
Arian Foster                              100/1
Rob Gronkowski                       100/1
Alex Smith                                150/1
Alfred Morris                             150/1
C.J. Spiller                                150/1
Antonio Brown                          150/1
DeMarco Murray                        200/1
Frank Gore                                200/1