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NFL Schedule 2014: Philadelphia Eagles travel map covers 17,566 miles

And I would walk 500 miles...

The entire 2014 Philadelphia Eagles schedule has been available since late April, but it's only until recent that I discovered Pro-Football-Reference contains a travel map feature on their site. All of a given team's away games are listed with travel distance included. Let's take a look at how the Eagles travel map breaks down. I added team logos to each destination to make things a little easier to visualize. (Click here or on the picture to increase image size.)


Travel distances

Here are all eight away games, listed in order of longest travel distance. The two closest games predictably come against some NFC East opponents.

  1. San Francisco 49ers: 2,520 miles (6 hour flight nonstop)
  2. Arizona Cardinals: 2,088 miles (4 hour 50 min flight nonstop)
  3. Houston Texans: 1,346 miles (3 hour 15 min flight nonstop)
  4. Dallas Cowboys: 1,315 miles (3 hour 20 min flight nonstop)
  5. Green Bay Packers: 732 miles (3 hour 35 min flight nonstop)
  6. Indianapolis Colts: 584 miles (1 hour 55 min flight nonstop)
  7. Washington Redskins: 115 miles (2 hour 30 min drive)
  8. New York Giants: 83 miles (1 hour 45 min drive)

Total travel distance to games: 8,783 miles
Total travel distance round trip:
17,566 miles

The Eagles only play two sets of back to back road games. The first set will be the toughest from a travel perspective. The Eagles will come off their Week 7 Bye and have to travel 2,088 miles to Arizona before returning home and flying back out west 1,346 miles to Houston the next week. Something tells me those long plane rides won't be so bad if they're coming home with a win, however.

The Eagles won't worry about having to travel to start their season as they face the Jacksonville Jaguars at home in Philadelphia on Sunday, September 7th. Their first road game takes place eight days late on Monday Night Football in Indianapolis against the Colts on September 15th. The Eagles close out the season with a road trip up the Turnpike to face the New York Giants at the Meadowlands.

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