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The Linc - Philadelphia Eagles are likeable

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Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 7/7/2014.

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Let's get to the links...

Fan-Demonium: Good Guys Wear Green -
The Eagles were a fun team to cheer for last season. Not only did they play well, but there was something about this team that made them easy to like. You can't say that about all pro sports teams. Some teams have a bunch of players getting arrested, sometimes for pretty disturbing things. Other teams just seem to be full of jerks. We've had some Eagles who weren't a lot of fun to cheer for over the years. Ricky Watters’ "For who, for what" moment stuck with him for the rest of his Eagles career. There were times when you just wanted Terrell Owens to shut up. Shawn Andrews’ bizarre behavior brought out the full range of emotions. This current group of Eagles feels a lot different.

Never Gets Old - Iggles Blitz
David Akers is the best PK in Eagles history. Could he have also been the best LS? Funny to watch him out-do Dorenbos in that video. Great stuff.

Mosher's Mailbag: Expanded role for Chris Polk? - CSN Philly
One of the few guys on offense who can expand his role in 2014 is Chris Polk, and given the success he had last year, I’d expect Polk to produce even more as LeSean McCoy’s backup than Bryce Brown did last year. Brown seemed to struggle last year, bouncing too many of his runs to the outside and not looking nearly as explosive as he did as rookie in 2012, when he set an NFL record by rushing for 347 yards in his first two starts. But it’s not as if his 2013 was a total failure. He still rushed for 314 yards and two touchdowns, averaging more than four yards per carry, which is why the Bills ponied up decent draft compensation to pry him away from the Eagles.

Eye On the Enemy: NFC East Roundup - Birds 24/7
"Is it a drastic change and all that stuff? Yeah, maybe in the philosophy it could be,’’ Simms said. "I know Green Bay’s offense, I’ve watched it a lot over the last years and talk a lot about it. Of course Eli’s gonna adjust to it. Is it a big adjustment? In my eyes, no it’s not. He’s a pro, he’s won the Super Bowl twice, if you tell him to run on his feet, he does it, if you tell him OK, now we’re gonna start running on our hands, he goes, ‘OK, I can do that too.’ Will there be timing issues and grave mistakes because of it? There might be some mistakes … but I just can’t imagine it’s gonna be that hard.’’

NFL's backward salary system hurts elite players like Jimmy Graham - Tony Gonzalez, CBS Sports
Wednesday's ruling by an arbitrator that Jimmy Graham is a tight end instead of a wide receiver comes as no surprise to me and should come as no surprise to anyone else, including Jimmy Graham. He is not a wide receiver. But he also is not a traditional tight end. Call it the Flex, Joker, Tight Wide or Tighty Widey position for all I care, but whatever you call it, he is among the three elite players at his position. He makes a strong case, if you judge by statistics, to be considered the best of those three elites. His statistics speak for themselves, and we will return to the numbers in a bit.

NFL suspensions taking a heavy toll on 2014 already - SB Nation
Some of the biggest names in the sport have already been banned, headlined by a pair of top-notch linebackers.