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The Linc - Can the Eagles get by with Allen Barbre?

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Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 7/4/2014.

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Let's get to the links...

Film breakdown: Can Eagles survive with Barbre at RT for four weeks? -
While most agree that Barbre is a quality player who can fill in adequately for Johnson, what is lesser known about him are his strengths and weaknesses. Last season, Barbre filled in for an injured Jason Peters in Green Bay and played 52 snaps. Trying to break down a player based on one game is not nearly enough to come to any hard conclusions, but it is essentially all we have to work with for now. Still, in those 52 snaps, there were a number of plays that began to give us some very good clues as to what Barbre is as a player.

Perspective From the Old Days - Iggles Blitz
It really is crazy to think that Lurie hired Rhodes in 1995 without having a sound overall front office structure in place. Lurie was talking to some big names and may have felt that the coaching job would be more attractive if those guys could select their own people. Lurie had interest in Jimmy Johnson, but that never came close to anything. Lurie looked into Mike Shanahan, but lost him to Denver. There were also serious talks with Dick Vermeil.

Eagles Wake-Up Call: Bissinger On Foles - Birds 24/7
The truth was, Nick Foles was something of a nerd, a guy who hung around with a small posse of mostly non-football nerds — eggheads, kids who would go on to careers in finance and private equity and engineering. A hot Saturday night was getting together at his house to play video games like Call of Duty, or hanging out at Zilker Park on the shores of Lady Bird Lake. "Dude, come on, you’re the quarterback, go out and have some fun," high-school teammate Matt Nader pleaded with him, fruitlessly.

NFL coaches: 10 most compelling storylines for 2014 - CBS
1. Chip Kelly, Eagles: He stepped on an NFL field for the first time last season but it was as if he'd been in the league for decades. The former Oregon coach blew up the issues surrounding other former successful college coaches, like Steve Spurrier and Nick Saban, who crumbled when they jumped to the NFL. Can Kelly expand his success by winning the NFC East on again and win at least one playoff game? He developed an offense that was ranked No. 2 in the league last year, then promptly said good-bye to DeSean Jackson and Jason Avant. Those two men accounted for 120 receptions and 12 touchdowns.

The Eagles will rely on Nick Foles and a rebuilt secondary. |
The Philadelphia Eagles didn't stand pat after they won the division last season. They did what teams hungry for playoff wins do: they made changes. It was a smart move given that you could chalk up some of their success to the fact that the rest of the NFC East was horrible, so getting better was a necessity to stay on top. Of course, the danger in making changes after a successful season is that you could ruin a good thing, and the Eagles made a few moves which could have negative repercussions down the road.

Philly Complex Investigates: Is Radio Personality Howard Eskin Really Even On Twitter? - PhillyComplex
There is an account on the website, @HowardEskin, that claims to be "the real Howard." Constantly, it points to the fact that it’s "verified" (whatever that really means) to prove that it is indeed the real Howard Eskin, of WIP radio fame, who’s behind the digital mask. There are posts after posts of this so-called "real account" claiming to be the Howard Eskin we all love. See below.

Five Things To Watch: Games 1-4 -
As we continue to preview each and every game of the Eagles 2014 season, we have reached the end of the first quarter of the season. The first four games for the Eagles are pretty evenly split: two games against the AFC (one home, one away), and the same goes for the NFC. Here’s a look of five things to keep an eye out for during the Eagles' first four-game stretch of the regular season…

Who will be the next Roger Goodell? - SB Nation
The Ginger Hammer won't be around forever. Who's going to step up when Goodell retires?