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The Linc - LeSean McCoy featured on Sports Illustrated cover

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Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 7/31/2014.

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Let's get to the links...

Eagles training camp practice notes, July 30: Malcolm Jenkins wins the day - JimmyK
On a number of occasions throughout the first four days of camp, Malcolm Jenkins has done an excellent job reading the play in front of him, breaking on the pass, and nearly coming up with interceptions. It has been encouraging to see that from a guy who should really still be learning the defense. However, you would have liked to have seen him finish the play on those occasions.

All-22: Snag, Tempo And the Eagles - Birds 24/7
During the early part of every Eagles practice, the robotic voice that emanates from the speakers at the NovaCare Complex announces a period called RVA, or routes versus air. Five quarterbacks in red jerseys stand side by side in the middle of the field. Wide receivers, tight ends and running backs set up in one of five lines – three to one side, two to the other. The balls are snapped simultaneously, the receivers run their routes, and the passes are delivered without any defenders.

Chip Speaks - Iggles Blitz
One of the big differences in Andy Reid and Chip Kelly is communication. Chip simply does a better job of explaining his ideas. Andy would go on and on about how you need to throw the ball to win. He would talk about doing studies that backed up his ideas, but you always felt this was like a politician who was skewing data to support the conclusion he wanted. Chip comes across as though he has no agenda. He wants to win and doesn’t care how that happens. His ideas are results based, as opposed to trying to mesh what he wants to do with random conclusions.

The Film Room: Who Is The NFL's Best Slot Defender? - Battle Red Blog
Boykin would of course not be able to pull off any of these ball-hawking feats without his truly special foot quickness and hip fluidity. Late in the first half against Dallas, Boykin pulled off some magician-like footwork to not only mirror a whip route back towards the sidelines, but also to get in position to undercut and intercept any pass thrown his way. It has been said before, but it needs to be said again – this kind of ability is rare.

Eagles sizing up help at inside linebacker - Inquirer
The way the top decision makers have spun it is that they have some intriguing pieces that are taking major steps in development. Goode, whom the organization is especially high on, was not acquired until after the 2013 preseason and now has the benefit of a full offseason and training camp in the Eagles' system.

The Guardians of the NFL Galaxy | The Rotation
What if your favorite NFL team had its own superhero? Some of the inspirations are obvious, others not. Some are super humans, some genetic freaks, others just regular guys making a go of it.

Wheel route abundant in Eagles' offense - CSN Philly
Chip Kelly’s newest weapon is showing off in training camp, embarrassing a defense powerless to find an answer. And his name isn’t Jordan Matthews, Ifeanyi Momah or Cary Spear. It’s not even a he, actually. It’s an it.

Inside Training Camp: A Former GM’s Take -
Check out Wednesday's episode of Inside Training Camp presented by Xfinity, featuring former NFL general manager Bill Polian and an in-depth look at rookie cornerback Jaylen Watkins ...

Shady McCoy gets regional Sports Illustrated cover - The 700 Level
Philadelphia Eagles fans love watching Shady McCoy do his thing on the football field so it's no surprise the folks at Sports Illustrated picked the elusive running back as one of their four regional football covers. McCoy joins UCLA Bruin Heisman Trophy hopeful Brett Hundley, Kansas City Chiefs RB Jamaal Charles, and Green Bay Packers RB Eddie Lacy as the pigskin cover boys.

I drank a Mad Dog 20/20 and attempted an NFL conditioning test - SB Nation NFL
Can an out of shape NFL fan get legally drunk and pass a professional conditioning test?