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Eagles have allowed their offseason roster to progress as a unit

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Unlike a majority of the league, the Eagles have allowed their roster to develop as a whole instead of picking up random players off the street.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

While several teams have made news with last minute veteran signings, the Eagles have kept their roster intact. The team has been very patient with the 90 men that make up the roster, as Philadelphia hasn't cut or signed a player since the conclusion of rookie minicamp.

The Eagles last transaction was more than two months ago when the team signed defensive back Davon Morgan to a contract on May 20. The last subtraction from the roster was undrafted free agent cornerback John Fulton, who was released to make room for Morgan. The lack of moves is uncommon around the league, as 22 teams have made at least one transaction since June 1.

Chip Kelly has shown the ability to be patient with his players. Despite "bottom of the roster" talent like Jake Knott and Keelan Johnson getting into trouble on-and-off the field, the Eagles have stayed locked at their positions and haven't jettisoned the duo from the roster. This is similar to last offseason when running back Matthew Tucker and punter Brad Wing failed conditioning tests. Tucker is still on the roster and Wing was able to make it to the preseason.

It seems that Kelly and the Eagles want to give all of their players a serious shot at making the roster. The team wants to get the most out of the fringe group before having to make serious decisions. For the likes of Johnson, Knott and the undrafted free agents, that is very good news.