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Let's take a moment to appreciate Donnie Jones

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Let's take a moment to appreciate Donnie Jones. The Philadelphia Eagles punter re-signed with the team this offseason after originally signing a one-year deal in 2013. Jones is back and he's appeared to be in top form during training camp.

So far no other than "because we can", let's celebrate Donnie Jones. We'll do that by look at some of his tweets from the @Eagles Twitter account on Wednesday afternoon. Here are the highlights.

Excellent choice.

Some may say soft, but I say smart.

Not impossible.

Easy choice.

Donnie hit a 70 yarder last year so I'd say he's still got it.

...and Julie Dorenbos.

:( I said: smart.

Good one.

I personally think Donnie Football is still the best. DLB doesn't do it for me but whatever.



Poor BLG

Love Donnie campaigning for free beer from the @Eagles account.

OK, we need to make this Donnie Jones football twitter thing happen.

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