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The Linc - DeSean Jackson Double Coverage Myth

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Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 7/30/2014.

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Let's get to the links...

Eagles training camp practice notes, July 28: Jordan Matthews wins the day -
ordan Matthews is already a rock star. After practice at the Linc, a group of fans were chanting "JOR-DAN! JOR-DAN!" Matthews, appreciative of the fans' love, went over to sign autographs. The Matthews hype train is full steam ahead, and I can't help but think that he's an almost certain lock to disappoint, numbers-wise.

On Cooper And the DeSean Theory - Birds 24/7
One common theory regarding Riley Cooper is that much of his success in 2013 was made possible because of the attention DeSean Jackson received on the other side. Some are skeptical whether Cooper will be able to post similar numbers this season now that Jackson resides in D.C. Jeremy Maclin, for one, isn’t buying it.

The All-22: How Eagles coach Chip Kelly makes his running backs better -
When the Philadelphia Eagles hired Chip Kelly to replace Andy Reid as their head coach on Jan. 16, 2013, they weren't just bringing in a college guy and hoping for the best in an era when college coaches are doing well in the NFL​. The Eagles gave Kelly personnel powers, spent over $1 million on the advanced machinery Kelly uses to monitor the conditioning of his players and generally handed over the keys to the franchise in ways that most first-time NFL coaches never see. There's a reason for that -- the Eagles' formerly dynamic offense had gone sour, and if there's one thing Kelly proved he could do during his time at Oregon, it was taking an offense by the scruff of the neck and redefining it with his own preferences.

Monday Practice Talk - Iggles Blitz
The Eagles were in full pads for the first time in the 2014 offseason and practiced at The Linc today. All the reports make it sound like a pretty interesting day.

The NFL's league leaders in important obscure stats. |
Most fans can tell you who led the NFL in passing, rushing or sacks last year. But there are dozens of important statistics that are so hard to find that even NFL experts are unaware of them. Here are the NFL's leaders in the obscure but meaningful (Spoiler: Shady inside).

2014 NFL Preview: Philadelphia Eagles - Charged.FM asks Bleeding Green Nation’s Brandon Gowton what to expect in Philly for 2014.

RTFP #70 Chip Kelly - Ross Tucker
Ross & Bill Polian sit down with Head Coach Chip Kelly from Eagles training camp over the weekend.

Kadron Boone hopes to find a way with Eagles - CSN Philly
At this time last year, Kadron Boone was heading into his senior season at LSU, looking to build on a career year as a junior. Now he’s fighting for a spot on the Eagles’ roster. After catching 26 passes for 348 yards and four touchdowns in 2012, Boone had just seven receptions in 13 games last season, leading to a precipitous fall off of NFL draft boards. But a sub-4.5 40-yard dash time at LSU’s April 9 pro day drew the eyes of several teams, including the Eagles.

Only A Few Days Into Camp And ... -
DeMeco Ryans stood on the 35-yard line at Lincoln Financial Field after Monday's public practice and offered a defensive perspective that sums up the way the Eagles feel these days: "We expect big things, and we're pushing ourselves to reach those goals ...

The Hargrave Four - SB Nation
They were all destined for NFL stardom, until everything fell apart.