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The reason why the Philadelphia Eagles logo is the only NFL team logo facing left

Today I learned...


(With a post title like this, you know it's the NFL offseason.)

The Philadelphia Eagles are the only NFL team with a logo that is positioned in a direction facing left. All the others are either circular and/or facing right. I'm guessing not everyone has realized this, but it's probably not a secret to most. Hat tip to an old Reddit post on this one (r/MildlyInteresting). See for yourself:

Mildly interesting indeed. But here's where it gets REALLY interesting.

Slowly, you start to wonder... what's the story behind it? Why isn't the Eagles logo facing right like other teams? (Or why aren't the other teams just facing left?) Well, this wasn't something I realized until just recently, but the answer seems fairly obvious. Just looks at the Eagles logo again.

If you've already figured it out, congratulations. I mean, it's really not that hard anyway. The answer is hiding in plain sight.




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