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Nick Foles Snubbed on Most Underpaid Players in the NFL List

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You can debate if Nick Foles is overrated or not, but you can't say he's not underpaid.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Despite coming off a year where he threw 27 touchdowns and only 2 interceptions, there hasn't been a lot of love for Nick Foles in the media lately. First, Pete Prisco of CBS Sports called Foles the most overrated player on the Eagles and then proceeded to leave Foles off his top 100 players in the NFL list. Then, in an NFL quarterback ranking survey completed by NFL insiders and released by ESPN, Foles only ranked 15th out of all the league's starters. More specifically he finished as a low rank Tier 2 quarterback.

As if this great injustice wasn't enough, Foles was recently snubbed on another ESPN list featuring the most underpaid players in the NFL. While fellow 2012 draft class quarterback Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks finished all the way at the top, Foles was nowhere to be found. In 2013, Foles didn't even register in the top 50 NFL highest paid quarterbacks. Looking ahead to 2014, he won't crack the top 50 yet again. 54 quarterbacks, including the aforementioned Wilson, carry a larger cap hit.

The Eagles third year quarterback counts as a $770,880 against the cap in 2014. There are a total of 34 players on the Eagles roster who are scheduled to make more. Each member of the special teams unit: Alex Henery ($780,034), Jon Dorenbos ($1,055,000), and Donnie Jones ($1,333,333) are all included in that list. So is Eagles backup quarterback Mark Sanchez ($2,250,000), who holds a cap hit nearly three times (!) as large as Foles.

Now, none of this comes as a surprise due to Foles' draft status as a third round pick. Rookie contracts always tend to be fairly inexpensive from the team's point of view. For me at least, it's interesting to put the numbers into perspective. Foles will soon have the chance to put the comparatively smaller salaries behind him and earn a big contract following the 2014 season if he puts up another great performance. Given the importance of the position and landscape of quarterback contracts around the league, there's little doubt that Foles could be in for a big payday.