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Cary Williams says Eagles receiving corps is going to be a problem to deal with

Cornerback Cary Williams spoke on the Eagles' wide receivers and defensive improvements.

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The Philadelphia Eagles' wide receiver position is a bit of a question mark. While there's a lot of room for optimism in head coach Chip Kelly's offense, there are also some valid concerns. DeSean Jackson is gone. Jeremy Maclin is coming off an ACL injury. Riley Cooper's late breakout season had some wondering if he's just a one-year wonder. Jordan Matthews and Josh Huff are rookies.

These concerns about the Eagles wide receivers are not shared by starting cornerback Cary Williams. Williams, who is tasked with going up against these players every day in practice, has liked what he's seen out of the Eagles wide outs to this point.

"Those guys have been doing a tremendous job," Williams said. "Jordan Matthews came in, as usual, doing what he's supposed to do. You still got Riley Cooper who's coming out working his tail off. He's taken a ridiculous jump from last year so I expect big things from him. You got [Jeremy] Maclin coming back. Our receiving corps is going to be a problem to deal with."

Williams elaborated more on rookie receiver Jordan Matthews, whose name was being loudly chanted by a group of Eagles fans as he walked off the field following the team's training camp practice at Lincoln Financial Field.

"I see a guy that has a big, huge motor. I see a guy that's going to bust his tail from the minute the ball snaps to the end of the play. He's going to finish every play. I see a guy with great hands. I see a guy that goes up and gets the ball away from his body. All those things, all those intangibles things that you can't coach, you see those things out of that guy. I think him and [Josh] Huff both have done a tremendous job for us. They're young guys but they came in with a veteran mentality of making plays. That's all you can ask for with those guys is to understand the system, understand that there may a be time when their number may be called. Those guys are doing everything within their power to make sure when their name is called they're going to be ready. Hats off to those guys. That's the best I've ever seen some young rookies come in and get to it."

Getting back to Williams' side of the ball, the Eagles cornerback said he feels the team made much-needed improvements on defense. He wasn't quick to deny the team's struggles in 2013.

"Yeah, we've improved. From a feeling standpoint, from a pass rush standpoint, I think from every aspect we've done a tremendous job of making sure we don't repeat what happened last season. We understand that last season was... not necessarily a letdown year but it was one of those that we weren't proud of. So we're taking a little bit more pride into this situation. We understand it's a big season for us. We just want to go out there and get the ball the offense as much as possible because when they got it, it puts us in a better position to be successful."

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