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The Linc - No interceptions in Eagles Training Camp so far

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Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 7/28/2014.

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Let's get to the links...

Eagles running backs are dominating in the passing game in camp so far. Nobody can cover them, and they're racking up an absurd number of receptions. The question then becomes, are they dominating because they're just really good, or because the Eagles' linebackers don't have the ability to stick with them? It's probably a combination of both. Even Matthew Tucker, who has ability, has looked good as a receiver.

QBs on the Rise - Iggles Blitz
One of the big concerns heading into Training Camp was the QB position. Everyone is high on starter Nick Foles, but the backups appeared to be a major question based on what we saw in the spring. Neither Mark Sanchez nor Matt Barkley stood out in their competition to see who would be the primary backup. Both struggled at times and didn’t generate much confidence. Things have changed. Now 2 days into TC, both Sanchez and Barkley are playing much better. Each player has made multiple throws that impressed the media members watching the practices.

It seems like Mark Sanchez has been around for a while, but he is only 27 years old. Sanchez had early success with the Jets, but things fell apart the last couple of years. He didn't get good coaching and had very little talent around him. Sanchez comes to the Eagles, where there is a great offensive staff and one of the most dynamic sets of skill players in the league. He needs to play well this summer, so he can win the backup job. Sanchez isn't just thinking about 2014. He wants to rehab his image and to grow as a player. He will be a free agent next March and would love to go find a starting job. He needs to show the other 31 teams what he can do every chance he's on the field, whether at camp, in preseason games or in regular season games. Sanchez is young enough that he can still have a second act to his career, but that won't happen if he doesn't shine this summer.

Running Diary: Eagles Practice Observations - Birds 24/7
Getting the timing and chemistry down on these plays is crucial. Knowing who is supposed to leave the lineman for the linebacker and executing the blocks correctly requires a lot of practice. That's the biggest reason Kelly has Barbre taking all the first-team reps at right tackle. He needs the run game to be rolling right away in Week 1.

The Eagles still will be running a 3-4 two-gap defense this season. But Bill Davis promised it won’t be nearly as vanilla as it was a year ago. "Last year, you saw the base foundation of the defense,’’ the Eagles’ second-year defensive coordinator said Sunday morning. "We’ve kept our foundation, but we’ve added some bridge-concept coverages and added some run calls.

Kelly, Hinkie bringing much-needed innovation to their teams - Inquirer
The Eagles held their first training-camp practice Saturday - exactly one month after the NBA held its annual player draft - so it seemed an appropriate time to point out the philosophical line that separates two of the town's teams from the other two. It's a stark divide, and Kelly and Hinkie are the cause of it. On one side are the Phillies and the Flyers, who have long believed their reluctance to change, their adherence to tradition, is a strength. For a while now, they have been caught up in the habit of "going for it every year" with too little regard for the trends, the innovations, or the economic realities of their respective leagues.

In Year 2, Matt Barkley 'way ahead of last year' - CSN Philly
The reps are few and far between these days for Matt Barkley. A couple times at practice Sunday, G.J. Kinne was the third man in after Nick Foles and Mark Sanchez during team drills and Barkley stood and watched, waiting for his turn. A couple times, Barkley was left to throw on the side with a ball boy, just to stay sharp.

Best NFL camp battles to watch - SB Nation
The Philadelphia Eagles will be without their top target of the past six years in 2014-15, as Chip Kelly made the decision to release DeSean Jackson earlier this offseason. Nick Foles is an up-and-comer at the quarterback position, but just who will he be throwing to? Jeremy Maclin is the obvious answer, and he's shown plenty in the past to convince people that he should be the No. 1 receiver going forward. But after Maclin, things get a little fuzzy. Riley Cooper had a breakout year in 2013, with 835 yards and eight touchdowns, but he's still a question mark.