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The Linc - Connor Barwin expects big leap for Eagles defense

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Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 7/26/2014.

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Let's get to the links...

Kempski's Corner: Will Nick Foles disappoint? -
On today's Kempski's Corner,'s Jimmy Kempski and Pat Gallen discuss who will be the breakout players for the Eagles in 2014 and who might disappoint based on last season's stats.

Covering and Catching - Iggles Blitz
The Eagles plans made a lot of sense. Don’t get beat deep. Keep things in front of you and then rally to the ball. Bend, but don’t break. The problem is that the Eagles missed some key tackles and also lacked the speed in the middle of the field to make these ideas work really well. The team’s tackling got better as the season went along and that helped the defense quite a bit. Remember the nightmare of the KC game? The Eagles would get the Chiefs into 3rd and long, only to have Donnie Avery catch a 5-yard pass (or less) and then run around the middle of the field for 15 to 20 yards and a 1st down. I don’t know if that was part of Dante’s levels of Hell, but it sure felt like it that night. Ugh.

Chip Kelly Update: A Few Minor Incidents - Fishduck
No controversial comments. No arrests. With DeSean Jackson gone, there aren’t even any provocative Instagram photos of partying hard with "models and bottles" or hand shapes that may or may not be gang signs. Even Evan Mathis‘s famed Twitter feed has been mild, after his great  mid-June "rookie dinner tab" hoax that got press pundits howling about bullying before they caught on. And that’s the way Kelly likes it. Boring. Just a lot of big, fast guys lifting weights together, working out and raising money for some charities here and there.

Three Chip Kelly Leftovers - Birds 24/7
Considering Kelly was making the leap from college to the pros with four total years of head coaching experience, the question was a valid one. He has said on multiple occasions that he didn't enter the NFL with any preconceived notions or expectations. Now that Kelly's been in Philadelphia for a year, he was asked what the biggest difference was from college.

Connor Barwin says Eagles defense is ready to take a big step forward as training camp opens -
While the offense is fun to talk about, the reality is that if the Eagles are going to take a step forward this season, it is going to have to be because of the defense -- a unit that sounds like it is ready to take a big leap in the right direction. "It's night and day," Barwin said of the Eagles defense. "We are so much further ahead than we were last year at this point."

Arrival Day Roundup: Foles Stays Himself -
"I've always believed that you need to be who you are," Foles said. "If you're a guy who loves to go out and be at everything and do that, and you can be a great player and a great leader as well, that's awesome because that's naturally what you're great at, that's naturally what you want to do. See, if I were to go and do all that stuff, that's sort of out of my norm. I've always been more laid back, Texas boy, I love my family, I love being with my family. That's what I stick to. I love the game of football, I love getting better. My teammates know me because I show them who I am in the locker room and then I don't change when I go on the field. I'm the same guy everywhere they see me."

Domo's pre-training camp NFL Power Rankings - Daily News
6. EAGLES If they stay reasonably healthy, the Eagles should be able to win the NFC East with one hand tied behind their back.

Eagles Training Camp Preview: Better or Worse at DL? - The700Level
It’s hard to imagine Hart, Kruger and Allen wouldn’t be better options than Clifton Geathers or Damion Square, last year’s backups, neither of whom was very effective. At 6’8", 325 pounds, Geathers mostly played the role of "guy too big to push out of the way" when he entered games, while Square was pretty much invisible as undrafted a rookie. Square is competing with Allen for the job, but Geathers departed during free agency.

The All–Bad Contracts Team " Grantland
No Eagles!

Stephen A. Smith, please log off your computer - SB Nation
Stephen A. Smith said something dumb on First Take about victims of domestic abuse.