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Surprise: Nick Foles responds to Buzz Bissinger piece by saying all of the right things

Who would have guessed?

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Nick Foles received criticism from a number of outlets this offseason. Most notably recent was a Buzz Bissinger column that attempted to give an in-depth profile of Foles. Foles, who declined to be personally interviewed by Bissinger, essentially came under fire for being too unselfish.

I shared my thoughts on this piece last week. Bissinger wasn't wrong to say that Foles is boring... because, well, he is. But I'm just not sure it matters. I think having a selfless leader on the team is more of a positive for the Eagles.

Upon arriving at Eagles training camp on Friday afternoon, Foles was asked about his thoughts on the Bissinger piece. Here's what he had to say:

"I don't agree with it. I think as a quarterback and a leader, it's not what you do in the limelight. Handling yourself in an appropriate manner is very important for the organization and your teammates. You need to be who you are. If you are a guy who loves to go out and be at (parties), and you can still be a great leader and a great teammate, that's awesome. Because that is naturally what you want to do."

"I didn't want to put that much time on me. It isn't about me. I can't win games by myself. I have great coaches, great teammates, and a great organization to lean on."

"My teammates know me because I show them who I am in the locker room, and then I don't change out on the field. I am the same guy."

Surprise, surprise. Foles said all of the right things. For the media, that can be pretty boring. For the team, it's the best thing.

But seriously, how could you call this guy a "chickenshit"?

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