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Philadelphia Eagles Training Camp: Jeremy Maclin isn't going to get caught up in the numbers

Just like his teammate Nick Foles, Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Jeremy Maclin isn't worried about stats.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Jeremy Maclin was one of the players who spoke to the media upon his arrival to Eagles training camp on Friday afternoon. He spoke on a number of topics, so make sure to get to them all.

No days off (almost)

"I got one week off. I took a Sunday to Sunday off. I went on vacation, hung out with my family a little bit. But that following Monday I was right back in here."

Never having the 1,000 yard season

"You know, as far as numbers and everything, I've never really got into numbers as everybody knows. But if they plan on me being a big part of the offense like I think they are I think the numbers will come. I'm not going to get wrapped up in all of that."

When stats do matter

"I understand when it comes to [contract negotiations], it does matter. But at the end of the day if you can play football you can play football. Not too many people come of an ACL injury and get a one-year deal worth up to 6 million dollars. Is it all based off stats? The answer to that is no. I think it's based off if you can play football, how valuable you are to the team, and I think there's a lot of other stuff that goes into it. But like I said earlier I'm not going to get caught up in the numbers."

The importance of a quarterback's ego

"I think it just varies on who the person is. I think when you're talking about Nick, I don't think "ego" and "Nick" belong in the same paragraph."

Current relationship with former teammate DeSean Jackson

"It's weird that we aren't teammates anymore but it's not awkward between us. The thing about being a professional football player is you have to know how the business works, and we talked about that a little bit. There was no hard feelings between us. There was nothing negative going on. [...] He's happy to be where he's at."

Riley Cooper one year wonder?

"I think people get so caught up in the attention that somebody gets. I think like I said earlier [this offseason], nobody gets double teamed in this football game but Calvin Johnson on the goal line. That's it. If a team is playing Cover 2 they're not just double teaming one outside receiver, they're double teaming the other outside receiver as well. I think [Cooper's] production came because he went out there and made plays. I mean, yeah, obviously you had another guy on the other side of the field who was good as well. Teams aren't going to get beat by focusing on one person the whole game. That's not how it works. When people say that it baffles me."

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