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Philadelphia Eagles training camp preview with Philadelphia Sports Table

I sat down with the guys at Philadelphia Sports Table to talk about the Eagles offseason and what lies ahead as training camp begins.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Philadelphia Eagles training camp is finally here. Almost. While you're waiting for the noon hour to get here, check out the following interview I did with the guys at Philadelphia Sports Table - Jeff and Len. Click here to listen. I come in around the 35 minute mark.

It's a fairly long interview and we touched on a number of topics:

1) My background before coming to SB Nation and Bleeding Green Nation

2) The transition to being a "real" media presence

3) Initial reaction to the Marcus Smith pick and the role of hindsight

4) Chip Kelly's sports science system as it relates to injuries. Does Chip Kelly have a pulse on something that the rest of the NFL coaches don't with his sports science philosophy and program?

5)  In 2013, the Eagles defense ranked 13th in the NFL for sacks - they had 37.  They tied with the Bears and ranked 8th for interceptions - they had 19.  Forced fumbles, they were ranked 14th, middle of the pack.  Even though they ended up being ranked 29th in defense at the end of the season, are they still the dismal type of defense everyone makes them out to be?  Because they'll be looking at some serious offenses this season.

6) Who in the NFC East has made a noticeable leap forward and could pose a serious challenge to the Eagles?

7) How much will the Eagles miss DeSean Jackson? Who will step up?

8) Lane Johnson's suspension and the Eagles offensive line depth. Keep an eye on Matt Tobin

9) Ranking Nick Foles

10) Interactions with players/coaches

11) Favorite Wawa food

...and more.

Once again, check it out here (fast forward to the 35 minute mark to hear me).

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