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Philadelphia Eagles Training Camp: The Definitive Twitter List for Eagles Fans

Training camp begins TOMORROW on Friday, July 25th. Make sure you're ready by following all the noteworthy people associated with the Eagles on Twitter.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Philadelphia Eagles training camp beginning next TOMORROW on Friday, July 25th. Now would be the appropriate time to audit the people you follow on Twitter. The following is a list of Eagles players, writers, superfans, etc., who you should be following heading into training camp.

With Eagles training camp being closed to the public (save for three practices open to the public), following along on Twitter is truly the best way to keep track of things. Sign up for a Twitter account - it's quick and easy. (Click here)

Disclaimer - I may have missed some people, perhaps some obvious ones. If I did, it was unintentional. Feel free to Tweet at me to let me know who I missed and I'll add them in. Without further adieu, the 3rd Annual Definitive Twitter List for Eagles Fans (in no particular order):

Bleeding Green Nation

Brandon Lee Gowton - @BrandonGowton

As I noted on Thursday, I'll be covering training camp every day for BGN. It'll be the second straight year where I've covered Eagles TC and I'm really looking forward to it. I tweet live updates from practice and press conferences so I'd say I'm a pretty useful follow. (I'm really humble, too.) Again, that's @BrandonGowton.

Mike Kaye - @mike_e_kaye

Mike lives in Florida Arizona, so no TC for him. Slacker. But follow him anyway.

Dan Klausner - @dklausner

Dan won't be at TC but he would like to than kyou for following him in advance.

Dave Mangels - @Southern_Philly

Just ask Dave if he likes gladiator movies.

James Keane - @JeromesFriend

I never know whether to call him 'Jim' or 'James'. Follow him so we can clear this up.

Mark Saltveit - @taoish

Mark is a man of many hats. He wrote a book about about Chip Kelly. He's going to have another one that will be released in the future. Mark will also be attending TC for at least one day.

Brent Cohen - @EaglesRewind

Brent predicted the Eagles would win at least 9 games last year and he ended up being the most accurate weekly NFL game picker in the entire country. I'm starting to think he's smart or something.

Allen Rodriguez - @ByAJRodriguez

Allen made a lot of friends with his Jeremy Maclin piece!

Patrick Wall - @ByPatrickWall

Used to write for the Eagles and used to write for BGN. P-Wall is coming back to write for us.

Matt Harkenreader - @Harks119

Jack of all trades, master of none.

BGN Radio - @BGN_Radio

We'll be breaking down Eagles TC on our own podcast. Follow @JohnBarchard and @JamesSeltzer975!

Eagles Almanac - @EaglesAlmanac

If you haven't yet purchased the Eagles Almanac, you're a loser. Pre-order now!

Click here to follow the entire BGN crew on Twitter.

Bleeding Green Nation general account - @BleedingGreen

BGN Affiliates

Good people that contribute to BGN.

Tommy Lawlor - @lawlornfl

When Tommy isn't too busy with PBR, pudding, funyons, and Megan Fox, he's busy writing some of the best Eagles content on the web. Iggles Blitz is awesome.

ChipWagon - @ChipWagoneer

All-22 breakdowns of TC are unlikely but expect preseason All-22 breakdowns.

Eagles personnel

Eagles players

All the Eagles players can all be found on Twitter in that one convenient link above.

Philadelphia Eagles - @Eagles

The team's official Twitter account.

Eagles Insider - @EaglesInsider

Piloted by the Eagles' website writers.

Dave Spadaro - @DaveSpadaro

The #1 source for unbiased Eagles coverage. Spuds! Dave also contributes to BGN in our "From the Eagles" series.

Fran Duffy - @fduffy3

Eagles TV/web producer. Outstanding follow year-round, but particularly during draft season.

Alex Smith - @AlexSmith720

No, he's not the Kansas City Chiefs QB or the veteran NFL tight end. He's AS720 and he writes good stuff for

Jimmy Kempski - @JimmyKempski

The biggest hack of all time. Only follow him out of pity.

Jeff McLane - @Jeff_McLane

Not related to John McLane.

Zach Berman - @ZBerm

If you have something bad to say about Zach Berman, there's a good chance you're an idiot.

Les Bowen - @LesBowen

Sometimes Les is more. I'm sure he's never heard that joke before.

Paul Domowitch - @pdomo


Rich Hofmann - @TheIdleRich

Also follow his son, Rich Hofmann. Hofmann. Not Hoffman.

Bob Ford - @BobFordSports

You could say he has some writing experience.

CSN Philly guys

Reuben Frank - @RoobCSN


Geoff Mosher - @GeoffMosherCSN

Mosher is CSN Philly's official Eagles insider so he always has the scoop.

Derrick Gunn - @TheRealDunnCSN


Michael Barkann - @MBarkannCSN

Barkann does the 10AM - 1 PM show with Ike Reese on weekdays at 94 WIP.

Andrew Kulp - @KulpSays

Kulp is one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet.

Philly Mag guys

Sheil Kapadia - @SheilKapadia

OK, I lied. Sheil is the nicest guy you'll ever meet. His TC notes are always top notch.

Tim McManus - @Tim_McManus

T-Mac often has the scoop before everyone else. He's great at breaking stories.

Allentown Morning Call guys

Nick Fierro - @NickFierro

I can't say I know much about Fierro but he's at practice every day.

Burlington County Times (and others)

Ed Kracz - @Kracze


Tom Moore - @tmoorepburbs

Mainly a Sixers guy, but he'll drop in at the NovaCare here and there.

Delco Times guys

Bob Grotz - @BobGrotz


Atlantic City Press

Dave Weinberg - @ACPressWeinberg

When he's not tweeting about Cape May he's tweeting about the Eagles. Or golfing. Or MMA. guys

Eliot Shorr-Parks - @EliotShorrParks

Everyone's favorite BGN alum!

Matt Lombardo - @MattLombardo975


Metro Philly

Michael Gregor - @Mike_Gregor

Wilmington News Journal

Martin Frank - @MfrankNFL

Delaware News Journal

Radio guys

Howard Eskin - @HowardEskin

Is this even the real Howard Eskin? (Hmm...)

Ryan Messick - @rm975

Update Anchor 97.5 The Fanatic in Philadelphia.

Ike Reese - @Ike58Reese

Former special teams maven, current radio host.

Jeff Warner - @Jeff1470TheFox

Another underrated Twitter follow.

Other national guys/gals who live locally and show up at Eagles practices from time to time

Adam Caplan - @CaplanNFL

Caplan is with ESPN now.

Greg Cosell - @GregCosell

Universally respected. I think.

Mike Garafolo - @MikeGarafolo

Breaks news all around the NFL.

Jenny Vrentas - @JennyVrentas

Part of MMQB.

Ashley Fox - @AshleyFoxESPN

Formerly with, now with ESPN, still in Philly.

Mike Tanier - @MikeTanier

Former FO writer, now at Sports on Earth. I'm not sure if he knows who I am but he follows me so that's cool.

Reddit - r/Eagles

@OhWowHmm - Matt

Oh, wow, hmm. The artist formerly known as Slap_Bet.

@KeeepSwinging - Anthony

Used to be more active at BGN but he still hangs around. I hope. Just ask him about Earl Thomas.

@Slum - Ken

Ken is cool, follow Ken.

Bonus - Other notable bloggers/other

Derek Sarley - @IgglesBlog

He seems to know a thing or two about things.

Sam Lynch - @shlynch

Sam memorized the CBA.

Bounty Bowl (his real name is Gabe) - @BountyBowl

The world's preeminent expert on Eagles knick knacks and apparel.

Brian Solomon - @Brian_Solomon

Founder of Also writer for a tiny outlet by the name of Forbes. Puts together the Eagles Almanac.

Brad Rutter - @BradRutter

All-time winningest Jeopardy champion. And he's an Eagles fan!

Tom McAllister - @t_mcallister

He writes books.

Friends of BGN

Dr. Pizza - @dr_pizza_md

Joe is a pretty funny guy, check out

Treb - @treblaw

Do you enojy sporting events aand pop culture

Arkansas Fred - @ArkansasFred

Eagles fan

Dylan - @Philatticus

BGN's unofficial legal advice

Essential snark

Not sure how I'd classify them, but follow...

John Breitenbach - @PFF_John

ProFootballFocus Eagles guy.

Garry Cobb - @GarryCobb


FakeWIPCaller - @FakeWIPCaller

First time, long time.

Mike Clay - @MikeClayNFL

ProFootballFocus. Eagles fan

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