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Five questions heading into Eagles training camp: Kaye & Klausner Edition

The triumphant return of "Kaye & Klausner" offers answers to five important questions heading into training camp.

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With the training camp countdown dwindling down, there is a lot to be excited about heading into August. Dan Klausner and I have decided that a one-year absence was long enough and we are bringing back "Kaye & Klausner" for this season and beyond to discuss the pressing issues and questions involving the team.

All eyes are on the preseason and training camp and we have decided to address five questions heading into the next month.

1. Will this be a breakout season for Zach Ertz?

Dan Klausner: Based on his production as a rookie and how that matched up with some of the other best tight ends in the NFL in their first years, I'd say it's very justified to be wildly optimistic about Ertz this season. I'm expecting his usage split out as a receiver to skyrocket, same goes for his targets. I think Ertz goes for a 65-800-8 kind of season.

Mike Kaye: If you watch the Cowboys finale over again, you'll notice there is some serious chemistry between he and Nick Foles. The quarterback would make effortless throws to him and he would catch them cleanly. I think this connection becomes similar to the one that Riley Cooper and Foles had last season. I think Dan's stat line is fair, but I'd go 50 catches for 750 yards and eight touchdowns. I think Ertz is going to be pick up a lot of yardage similarly to Brent Celek and Cooper last season.

2. Will Jeremy Maclin regain his pre-injury form and put up numbers similar to DeSean Jackson in 2013?

DK: If he stats healthy, I fully expect Maclin to eclipse 1,000 yards receiving for the first time in his career. To match DeSean Jackson's 82/1332/9 line is probably too much to ask given Ertz's surely increased workload and the presence of Jordan Matthews. I do think Maclin will put up a similar number of receptions and touchdowns, but less yards. Let's go with 85/1100/8, I think that's fair.

MK: I agree with Dan. If Maclin is healthy, he should get 1,000 receiving yards easily. That said, he has been unable to do it in the past, despite being on good or great offenses. I somewhat agree with Allen Rodriguez in that I am in no way excited about Maclin as a No. 1 guy but I think he is a quality starter. This is a make or break year for him and I think he will answer the call. That said, it would not shock me in the slightest if Jordan Matthews or Cooper were seeing more targets down the road. Also, I think we do need to acknowledge the chemistry that he and Foles had in 2012. That probably wasn't just a flash in the pan.

3. Which defensive player has a breakout season?

DK: Fletcher Cox looked like an emerging superstar as a penetrating 4-3 DT his rookie season. The switch to 3-4 DE was a monumentally difficult transition for a player who had always used his rare quickness and athleticism to fire off the snap and get into the backfield.

As we know, being a 3-4 DE means a primary (less sexy) focus on stopping the run first. I'm holding out hope that Cox turns into a Muhammad Wilkerson-type 3-4 DE who wreaks havoc every snap -- providing rare pass rush from that spot and putting up 8-10 sacks, while being stout against the run. Luckily Cedric Thornton is as good as it gets against the run, would love to see Cox be the Yin to Swamp's Yang.

I believe in Fletch, and I think this is the season everything comes together for him.

MK: I want to go with Cedric Thornton, because I think he will be a much better pass rusher, but he has already broken out as it were. BENNIE LOGAN will be my pick. I understand a lot of people are down on Logan because of the last two games of the Eagles season, but I think we have to remember that he is in a unique spot. For one, he is an undersized nose tackle, similarly to Jason Kelce as a center, who also struggled as a rookie starter. On top of that, he didn't get starter reps until Isaac Sopoaga was traded midseason.

I think having an extra season under his belt and having improved pass rushing around him will allow Logan to really excel. He is a skilled pass rusher and can play the run reasonably well. Most importantly, the Eagles love him and will be able to rotate him with Beau Allen or Fletcher Cox at nose tackle, so he won't be going it alone all game. I think he needs to be rotated but that will only improve his production.

4. Nick Foles. What does he do for an encore in 2014?

DK: He's not going to put up 27 TD (29 including playoffs) and 2 INT again, but that's ok. I'm admittedly expecting a regression in his play and a spike in interceptions. That does not, however, mean he's going to play poorly this season, he just set an impossible standard. Is Foles a top-10 starting QB in the NFL? I don't think so without seeing how he follows up his 2013 performance, but he's definitely on the cusp. Prediction: 63% comp / 4,250 yards / 32 TD / 12 INT

That's one hell of a season, and I'm really trying not to oversell.

MK: I think it is very reasonable to expect a drop off in numbers from Foles. Only one person has ever done what he did last year and that's himself. The odds aren't good for a repeat. That said, I do expect his touchdowns to be in the early to mid-30's and his interceptions to be less than 15. With that type of success, I think the Eagles will be on another playoff push.

I think he will be improved as far as his arm strength, his running ability and his decision-making. He is getting all the starter reps and things are consistent. That is great for a quarterback. I expect big things, but I am not sure he is going to light the league on fire.

5. What will we see from Chip Kelly as an encore and is he REALLY the REAL deal?

DK: Part 1: Something awesome that'll make your brain short-circuit with wonder and excitement.

Part 2: Yes and fuck you if you don't think so yet.

MK: I think Chip will continue to open up his playbook. I think Darren Sproles will take DeSean Jackson's role as the decoy for the run with the read-option look. That move was deadly against several teams last season. I also think 12 personnel could be used more frequently. I think 22 personnel could also be likely in certain situations like the redzone. Imagine having to cover Sproles, LeSean McCoy, Brent Celek, Zach Ertz and Matthews or Cooper in the redzone. Yikes!

I think Kelly is as real of a deal as a second year coach can be. I am still not anointing him the greatest coach of the modern era or anything close to that, but I am expecting him to be even more dangerous in Year 2. He isn't seeing Paul Bettany walk around NovaCare, but Kelly has a "Beautiful Mind."

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