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Jason Kelce: Lane Johnson "made a poor decision"



Although Lane Johnson's reported four games suspension still has not been officially confirmed or denied, Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce spoke on 94WIP on Tuesday morning about the situation when asked. (Quote via CBS Philly.)

"Obviously it’s not something that we’re happy about," Kelce explained. "Lane is a guy that really developed well last year, he was looking great in the offseason, so I was really excited to see what he could do. He’ll still be out there this season, but through the first four games I was excited to see how much better he was this year than he was last year. I was extremely surprised and I found out a little bit before I think everybody else did. He kind of came and told some of the guys along the offensive line what he was facing before the media really even found out. He made a terrible—he made a mistake, he made a poor decision and this is something I don’t think it’s that big of a deal in terms of what he was doing, but obviously you’re cheating your season four games. That’s where the seriousness of it comes down to. You know, you’re suspended for four games and you are putting your teammates in a bind."

Kelce's sentiment is to be expected. A fellow teammate will reportedly be missing four games and that's not ideal. What's interesting here is the note about how Johnson told Kelce (and other members of the Eagles offensive line) that he was facing a suspension. This should probably rule out any conspiracy theories that Johnson's suspension was fabricated or the result of a prank.

Eagles reporter Tim McManus noted on Monday evening the Eagles, the NFL, the NFLPA, and Johnson's camp have all still been quiet on the matter of his suspension. With no confirmation and training camp only three days away, we're all still waiting for the announcement to become official.

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