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Jameis Winston is a Philadelphia Eagles fan

Random, but true.

Stacy Revere

Florida State University red-shirt sophomore quarterback Jameis Winston is one of the best players in all of collegiate football. Winston won a slew of awards for his performance last season including the coveted Heisman Trophy as well as the MVP of 2014 BCS National Championship Game. Winston, who has the option to leave school early after this college season, is already projected to be a top pick in the 2015 NFL Draft. Of course, these are already things you knew. What you probably didn't know, however, is that Winston is a fan of the Philadelphia Eagles.

Winston said as much during an ACC Media Day interview session. Here's a transcript of the question and answer.

Q. Few college athletes in history have had the kind of freshman season that you had and your team had. How hard is it not to be satisfied, and as follow‑up, has Kelvin Benjamin officially made you a Panthers fan?

JAMEIS WINSTON: Well, in your question you said it all: All team. We had a very successful season because of our team. I was blessed to have an opportunity to play with Kelvin, and no, I'm still not a Panthers fan, but I am a Cam Newton and KB fan. I am an Eagles fan, to answer that.

What does it all mean? Nothing, really, but I find it a little curious. I don't see any obvious ties to Philadelphia for Winston, who is a native of Bessemer, Alabama. The Eagles don't even have any Florida State alums on the current 90 man roster. I can't really figure it out. Perhaps he really likes Eagles head coach Chip Kelly? (And hey, who doesn't.)

In any case, Winston probably won't have the chance to join his favorite team in the near-future. While anything can happen, it seems like the Eagles are already set with Nick Foles. Not to mention that Philly will probably be too good of a team in 2014 to finish a high draft pick. But for now, at least you learned something new today.

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