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Eagles Mailbag: Evan Mathis or Joel Embiid as the best tweeter in Philadelphia sports?

Eagles Q and A.

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Welcome to the BGN Mailbag, where I do my best to answer your questions about the Philadelphia Eagles. Thanks again to everyone on Twitter who sent in a question.

To the Q&A...

@ianisstalling asks: Better tweeter: Evan Mathis (@EvanMathis69) or Joel Embiid (@joelembiid)?

This is so tough. Mathis is the Twitter genius. He's deliberate. His infrequent tweets are carefully crafted and they're always top-notch. Philaldelphia 76ers first round draft pick Joel Embiid, however, is giving Mathis a run for his money. Embiid is nowhere near as deliberate as Mathis but he's still hilarious and awesome. From recruiting LeBron James to calling out Drake to flirting with Kim Kardashian...

and just about everything else. This guy is a must-follow. He's spontaneous to the point where you have no idea what he's going to tweet next. Mathis has officially recognized Embiid's tweeting prowess so it's clearly a close decision at this point. Neither is a bad tweeter by any means but I can't lie, I'm a little more entertained by Embiid recently. Mathis crushing Mike Florio of PFT wasn't too shabby though.

@Randyljobst asks: Which Eagle is about to make a serious jump in development from last season?

Zach Ertz and Fletcher Cox come to mind, but I'm most excited to watch Bennie Logan. Some people aren't happy with Logan at nose tackle but I wouldn't be surprised to see that change after this season. Logan added some extra muscle this offseason and I think he has the potential to be a disruptive player in the middle of the defensive line.

@E_Velaquez21 asks: What do you expect from Kendricks/Goode in a situation where Ryans goes down? Can Kendricks take that leadership role?

I'm not too worried about Mychal Kendricks or Najee Goode if Kendricks goes down. I don't think Kendricks role will change much since he's starting next to Ryans. Goode could step in for Ryans and hold his own. I liked what we saw out of Goode in limited time last year. He's had a full offseason to spend time in the Eagles system and he's only 25. As far as Kendricks leadership presence, he's entering his third season and he's spent time learning from Ryans. I don't see that being an issue either.

@BenNatan2 asks: Why was Vinny Curry used so little last season and can be expect more snaps this year.

I don't think there's much of a secret to this: Curry is an aggressive defensive lineman that would best fit in a one-gap system as opposed to the Eagles two-gap defensive line. He looked great in the preseason but he wasn't necessarily playing within the scheme and that's kind of a fundamental problem. The dilemma is that Curry is too valuable not to get on the field due to his natural ability. I can't see him stealing a major amount of snaps because Fletcher Cox and Cedric Thornton are already both young and good at what the do, but perhaps a slight increase could be expected for Curry. Especially if Thornton's pass rush doesn't improve.

@OhWowHmm asks: Tell me about Marcus Smith taking snaps from DeMeco Ryans.

It's an interesting idea but I don't see it right now. I think the Eagles will use a player like Goode to spell Ryans from having to play so many snaps. I don't think the Eagles want to overwhelm Smith. That's the impression I took away from when I sat down with Eagles outside linebacker coach Bill McGovern. McGovern explained the reason why Smith is only learning the JACK outside linebacker position right now is because they want him to be comfortable before throwing too much at him. Asking him to play inside linebacker in certain packages could perhaps take place in the future but not now.

@KeeepSwinging asks: Is it ok to put ketchup on a cheesesteak?

On MY cheesesteak? No, because I don't really like ketchup that much. But who am I tell you what you should put on yours?

@ryne_jones asks: Do you think LeSean McCoy is good?


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