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The Linc - Chip Kelly is the one of the most influential people in the NFL

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 7/20/2014.

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Let's get to the links...

When Left is Right - Iggles Blitz
It is about impossible to truly appreciate offensive linemen as much as they deserve it. Those guys battle on every snap and their bodies take a real pounding. Shady McCoy can duck out of bounds. Nick Foles can slide. 2012 Jeremy Maclin can try to dig a hole to hide from DBs (but certainly not 2014 Mac…he’s a tough guy). OL pound defenders on every play. There is no hiding. Hit or be hit. Heck, hit and get hit anyway.

Fan-Demonium: NFC East Primer -
The Eagles won the NFC East last year and many experts expect them to duplicate that feat in 2014. There is a lot of talent returning and optimism is high, both inside the team and from those on the outside. While you can make a strong case for the Eagles as the favorites to win the division, anybody who has watched NFC East football over the years knows that Washington, New York and Dallas aren't going to just lay down. The division isn't loaded with great teams right now, but the rivalries are very real and you'll have to earn the division title. Let's take a look at the competition.

Don't overlook Kelce's importance to the Eagles -
That's why what really matters in this coming season can't be put into a meaningful list until it is over. And that's why no one will be talking about center Jason Kelce for a while. He doesn't throw the ball or run with it or catch. He just puts his head down and gives the ball to the quarterback. But if you want to make a true list of the vital players on the team, starting with him isn't a bad idea.

NFL's most influential: Ten who have biggest impact on America's game - CBS
5. Eagles coach Chip Kelly: He's incorporated a new faster tempo for the game to be played, as well as innovative ways to train and utilize nutrition. With no previous NFL coaching experience he led the Eagles to the division title in his first year.

Chip Kelly's offense affects offseason conditioning for NFL officials -
Kelly is literally changing the game.

Eagles under the radar: OLB Bryan Braman - CSN Philly
This guy has a few screws loose, which should be a good thing for special teams and potentially the pass rush. People think the Eagles were bad on defense last year. Check out their kickoff and punt return and coverage units. They ranked 25th and 27th, respectively, on kickoff and punt returns. They ranked 19th in kickoff coverage. If you don’t think special teams is important, consider that the Eagles probably would have beaten New Orleans in their first-round playoff game if they didn’t give up a long return to Darren Sproles. They would have destroyed the Lions in the snowstorm game if they hadn’t allowed two return touchdowns. I’ve got a feeling Chip Kelly saw more than just a special teams upgrade in Braman when he signed him to a two-year deal. Knowing how much Chip loves versatility, it wouldn’t stun me if he and Billy Davis get him on the field for a few snaps on defense. Braman’s high motor and size make him a good candidate for situational pass-rush schemes

NFL to restrict evaluations of underclassmen -
The NFL will limit the number of underclassmen who can receive evaluations for the draft to five from a single school, although special exceptions will be allowed. Concerned about the record 107 underclassmen who applied for this year's draft, and with 37 of them not selected, the league's College Advisory Committee developed new guidelines for players considering forfeiting their final years of eligibility.

Miami Vice: Shula and Ditka edition - SB Nation
Here at SB Nation were celebrating the decade of the 80s this week, so I tought theres no more appropriate time to tell the craziest  story of the 1987 ofseason. Its a story that has remained uknown to most outside of league circles but it could very well be the defining moment of three Hall of Fame coaches careers. May I present to you: Miami Heist

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