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Philadelphia Eagles testing Google Glass for in-game use at Lincoln Financial Field

The Philadelphia Eagles are testing Google Glass with hopes of enhancing the fan experience at Lincoln Financial Field.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

As the Philadelphia Eagles' two-year stadium revitalization plan at Lincoln Financial Field wraps up by the end of summer 2014, a number of new changes will have been made to the stadium. Additional seating, new HD video boards, and bridges connecting the upper concourse are some of the main features.

Separate from this stadium revitalization project, but still in an effort to enhance the fan experience, is the report that the Eagles are testing out Google Glass technology for in-game use. More via Jay Cohen of the AP:

The Philadelphia Eagles are going to test the Internet-connected eyewear for in-game use, and a company with a key application for the technology says it has secured a new round of financing that will help roll out its Glass program to sports, entertainment and other fields.

Apparently the Eagles are the first team to pursue this venture.

The Eagles are the first NFL team to try the application for Google Glass. They are planning for a similar approach to the Pacers, who used the CrowdOptic program to provide multiple courtside perspectives over the videoboard during games.

''We're on a constant search for ways to enhance the overall fan experience at Lincoln Financial Field,'' said Brian Papson, the vice president of marketing for the Eagles. ''So what caught us is that this is a creative, different, new innovative way to do that.''

Interesting stuff. It sounds like there's still a lot of details to work out so it'll be something to keep yours eye on (no pun intended).

You can read more about CrowdOptic at their website. And here's a promo video for Google Glass.

[h/t The700Level]

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