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The Linc - Remembering the Philadelphia Stars

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 7/18/2014.


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Let's get to the links...

Nick Foles was not highly rated coming out of high school -
I probably find this more interesting than most, but I'll share anyway. is a recruiting website that tracks and rates high school recruits. Of the 19 projected starting quarterbacks this season whose senior years of high school was 2002 or sooner, here is where Rivals had them rated heading into college.

The TO Effect? - Iggles Blitz
What the heck happened in 2004? Either the team learned how to draft receivers or Andy Reid and his staff learned how to develop them. Donovan was erratic early in his career, but was a polished QB by 2004. I’m sure that’s part of the situation. It just amazes me how different the 2 groups are in terms of success and production.

Inside Zone: The Foundation Of the Eagles’ Offense - Birds 24/7
It's an 81-degree day in early June, and the Eagles are on the practice fields at the NovaCare Complex working on the blocking scheme for a familiar call: the inside zone. It's a play Stoutland ran frequently at his previous stop, Alabama. And it was Chip Kelly's go-to-work play during his time at Oregon.

Eagles coach Chip Kelly is good at adjusting on the fly -
He is the Narrative Killer, the assassin of the preconception. Of that much, we can be certain. The most frivolous exercise in Philadelphia sports journalism is to ask Kelly a question whose premise presumes that the questioner knows what the coach is thinking. It really is a complete waste of time. Halfway through the question, or earlier, Kelly begins to smile as he listens to what is being presumed in the preamble before the question mark. The smile is the dead giveaway, that he is going to pull out a baseball bat from behind the podium and put the question (and sometimes, the head of the questioner) on a tee and launch him into the third deck.

Heavenly Stars remembered fondly -
The USFL probably doesn't ring a bell to most people under 40. The league, which played in the spring, wasn't around very long. It lasted only three seasons before being killed by Donald Trump's greed. But the Stars were head and shoulders the best team in that league during its all-too-brief existence. They won two of the league's three championships (1984-85) and lost in the title game in the other (1983). They won 41 of 54 regular-season games and seven of eight in the postseason.

What Is McCoy's Right Touch Count? -
He is in the prime of a growing career, having established himself as one of the very best running backs in the NFL. All signs are pointing up for LeSean McCoy heading into 2014 ...

PST: Who has the top WR corps in the NFC East? - CSN Philly
For the Eagles, the position is a clearly a concern. Can Riley Cooper repeat last year's success? Can Jeremy Maclin rebound from a torn ACL? Can rookies Jordan Matthews and Josh Huff and anyone else (Arrelious Benn?) help replace DeSean Jackson?

Don Coryell, the man who created the modern NFL - SB Nation
"For sheer beauty of timing and rhythm in the passing game, that team is still the best I've ever seen." - Ron Jaworski on the 1980 San Diego Chargers, from "The Games That Changed the Game"

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