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NFL Sunday Ticket online streaming now available for DirecTV non-subscribers

Sort of.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

According to a report from, you will no longer have to be a DirecTV subscriber to access the company's popular NFL Sunday Ticket package. Yes, this means that these packages will now be available to non-DirecTV subscribers starting this upcoming 2014 NFL season.

Here's a promotional blurb from the DirecTV website.

Now you can access live, out-of-market NFL games without a DIRECTV satellite TV account—no matter what team you follow! NFLSUNDAYTICKET.TV lets you stream games on your computer, tablet, phone, or game console. All while keeping up with real-time player stats and your fantasy teams.

It appears DirecTV is offering three basic packages priced at different rates. The least expensive packages starts at $199.99 and features streaming for computer and mobile phone access. The middle package offers streaming through gaming consoles and is priced at $239.99. The all-inclusive max package is priced at $329.99 and features Red Zone and the DirecTV Fantasy Zone.

This is good news for football fans, especially those out of market, that want access to every single NFL game but don't want to subscribe to DirecTV as their cable/satellite provider.

But as always, there is a catch. Apparently these online streaming packages won't necessarily be available to just anyone. As explained by Forbes:

It appears if you live in a residence that DirecTV deems could easily get their satellite service, they won’t sell you Sunday Ticket over the internet. (I have contacted DirecTV to clarify further.) Testing a series of addresses, it now appears that apartment dwellers — the vast majority of whom cannot get satellite TV unless they have a well-located balcony and a patient landlord — are eligible for the internet-based package. This looks to be true both down the street from me (where a two-story building passes the test, and across the country in New York (where the former address of a high-school friend is also good to go.) Some universities are also eligible addresses.

So definitely check to see if you're eligible before you start celebrating too soon. You can start by checking out DIRECTV's website.

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