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Philadelphia Eagles rank as 17th most valuable sports team

Just how much are the Eagles worth?

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

According to a recent report from Forbes, the Philadelphia Eagles are one of the top 50 most valuable sports teams in the world. At a value of $1.314 billion the Eagles rank 17th overall.

Only five NFL teams are worth more than Philadelphia's franchise. Among those teams are the Houston Texans (12th - $1.45 billion), the New York Giants (10th - $1.55 billion), the Washington Redskins (9th - $1.7 billion), the New England Patriots (8th - $1.8 billion), and the Dallas Cowboys (5th - $2.3 billion). As you can see, the Eagles are actually the least valuable NFC East team despite their relative success in past years. The most valuable sports team in the world is the Real Madrid Club de Fútbol valued at $3.44 billion overall.

A few months ago Bleeding Green Nation took a look at the value of the Eagles on the scale that the Los Angeles Clippers sold for. The Clippers sale may have been an outlier but it's still interesting to think what the Eagles would sell for compared to their estimated value. Using the Clippers scale, the Eagles could sell for up to $4.573 billion. Compare that to the $195 million that current Eagles Chairman and CEO spent to acquire the franchise. Something tells me Lurie isn't complaining.

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