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The Linc - Eagles players boast team chemistry

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Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 7/15/2014.

Patrick Smith

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Let's get to the links...

Notes from LeSean McCoy's charity event: 'It's kind of crazy how close (Eagles players) are' -
"It’s kind of crazy how close we are," said Wolff. "It’s like a brotherhood, like we’re all really, really close. For example, guys like (free agent safety) Chris Maragos… He came from Seattle. He said (the Seahawks) were pretty close, but he’s never seen guys that are as tight knit as we are. We’re all like brothers. I feel like Coach Kelly and the coaches do a good job keeping us together."

Is Bill Davis the Right Man for the Job? - Iggles Blitz
Now that Davis has a season under his belt and we’ve all gotten to know him better, I feel differently. One of the big reasons why is listening to Davis in his press conferences. He does a fantastic job of communicating. He mixes in honesty with coachspeak. No NFL coach will ever be totally honest, especially in today’s world. Davis is willing to be critical of his unit, but he does it the right way. He praises them as much as he can, but isn’t going to be in total denial after a poor performance.

Vision Quest: The Artfulness of LeSean McCoy and Jamaal Charles - Matt Waldman RSP
Many observers of a play like this will credit his agility more than his vision. The agility is the most immediate reason why McCoy can make two defenders that have him dead to rights look silly. However, when McCoy’s agility leaves him he’ll still have the vision and anticipation to see how to make it happen–even when he can no longer physically do it.

All-22: Double Posts In the Red Zone - Birds 24/7
Chip Kelly doesn’t understand the typically accepted definition of the red zone. "It’s always kind of been humorous to me where the line, the 20, became the official red zone," he said during a video last year. "It starts at the 20. And if you’re at the 21, it’s not a red zone. "The red zone for us is the scoring zone. So what’s the yard to gain for us? And if we don’t score, can we put our field goal team out on the field and kick a field goal? Usually if it’s a good day, no weather involved, it’s somewhere between the 33- and 35-yard line. And that’s where the red zone starts for us offensively. For our defense, it’s the same thing."

Chip Kelly, Brad Smith and the Wildcat - Fishduck
Foles’s performance last season proved Kelly did not need a mobile quarterback to make his offense flourish, but it is possible he viewed Smith as a means of compensating for Foles’s lack of mobility. Smith is a situational player who makes the read option more potent and makes Kelly more comfortable calling inside QB runs. If Smith makes the roster this season, expect to see more of the formation with him at quarterback. Just don’t call it the Wildcat.

Eagles under the radar: Linebacker Najee Goode - CSN Philly
Fans were initially ticked off when the Eagles acquired Goode and cut Emmanuel Acho after Acho performed well in the preseason and Goode had just been let go by the Buccaneers. But the staff liked Goode’s coverage abilities and believed he offered more on special teams and in sub packages than Acho (who came back to the practice squad later in the season). Goode looked really good against the Packers, coming in after Kendricks left with a knee injury and joining a defense that held Eddie Lacy to just 73 yards. Now that he’s had a whole year and his first offseason in Chip Kelly’s program, Goode is primed for an expanded role. Defensive coordinator Bill Davis already said he’s looking to scale down snaps for DeMeco Ryans, who played the most snaps of any NFL defensive player last year. In certain nickel downs, Davis can substitute Goode for Ryans and get a little quicker and more athletic across the middle, which is where the Eagles were picked apart last year.

Training Camp Preview: Quarterback -
Foles is Chip Kelly's quarterback for the next 999 years, but what will he do as he enters his first full season as the team's starting quarterback. It's amazing to think that Foles has already learned two offenses in his first two seasons. There's no question that he'll benefit from being able to grow and develop in the same offense. Offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur praised Foles' performance in the spring training sessions declaring that the signal-caller will be even better in 2014. New quarterbacks coach Bill Musgrave was impressed with Foles' accuracy and desire to improve.

The Top Receivers And The Men Who Threw It To Them II - Football Perspective
DeSean Jackson has 6128 career receiving yards. 46% from Vick, 29% from McNabb, 14% from Foles, 6% from Kolb.