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Philadelphia Eagles Training Camp Countdown: 13 Random Offseason Thoughts

While we wait for Eagles training camp to start, here's what's on my mind.

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There are only 13 days (!) until the Philadelphia Eagles report for 2014 TRAINING CAMP. So while we wait for the doldrums of the NFL offseason to pass, here are 13 random thoughts about the team.

  1. It's hard not to be excited by the Eagles' potential, especially compared to the uncertainty of last year. I know not everyone was thrilled with the 2014 offseason but I'm not ready to start doubting Chip Kelly just yet.

  2. Are you ready for this scorching hot take? LeSean McCoy is the best running back in Eagles history and he will continue to cement that status in future seasons.

  3. I'm not worried that Nick Foles will ever be a bad quarterback. I think the worst he will ever be is average. And honestly, that's what worries me the most. If Foles is ever bad, it will become clear at some point that the Eagles will move on. The worst case scenario, however, is if Foles is mediocre. What happens if he's good enough to justifying keeping around but never good enough to get Philadelphia over the top? Obviously let's wait and see before we jump to conclusions, but it's something I think about. Especially with a potential contract extension looming.

  4. Fletcher Cox was unlucky last season. Cox only finished with 3 sacks but his 39 QB hurries were tied for third highest among NFL 3-4 defensive ends. Every 3-4 DE that finished with at least 22 QB hurries had at least 4 sacks... except Cox. Including Cox, only four 3-4 DEs finished with 3 sacks in 2013. Here are those names with their QB hurries in parentheses: Fletcher Cox (39), Ziggy Hood (14), Ricky Jean-Francois (8), Jarvis Jenkins (5). See the difference? Expect more sacks for Cox in 2014.

  5. Speaking of pass rush, I think we can get too caught up in thinking it can only come in the form of a stud OLB. While that would sure be ideal, let's not underrate the impact Cox's pass rush potential. I think the athletic and attacking Bennie Logan could also be key there. And then there's always the Bill Davis penchant for blitzing inside linebackers or safeties. Top free agent signing Malcolm Jenkins led all NFL safeties in PFF's Pass Rush Productivity (PRP) stat. In 35 pass rush snaps, Jenkins recorded 9 total pressures (3 sacks and 6 hurries).

  6. Let's talk about Brandon Graham. Everyone seemed to accept he would be traded this offseason. But he hasn't. So now what? Well... I don't know. Perhaps the Eagles want to give him more of a chance at being a 3-4 OLB this season? Or maybe they just like the depth he provides.

  7. Two veterans players that don't get enough respect: James Casey and Brad Smith. Casey may be a little overpriced on his current contract and neither he nor Smith has a big role in the offense. But they're really good on special teams, and that isn't something to take for granted. Especially with Chip Kelly around.

  8. The Eagles are certainly not above criticism. They're not infallible. But for the most part, I feel like they operate with a process that's worth trusting. There tends to be reasonable logic behind most of their decisions. You just feel like, as an organization, they "get it." I would say the same for the Sixers. There's a plan in place and there's no guarantee it works, but at least they're going with a sound strategy. Not sure if I can really say the same about the two other sports teams in town.

  9. Extreme sleeper candidate: CB Davon Morgan. The Eagles signed him following a post-draft tryout workout. He stood out a little to me in OTAs. Perhaps he could contend for a 6th ST/cornerback spot.

  10. NFC East thoughts: There are so many questions marks with each team. Can the Eagles sustain their success or was it a one year wonder? Can RG3 return to rookie form and stay healthy in Washington? Can Eli "27 INTS" Manning rebound for the Giants? Can the Cowboys overcome what projects to be a terrible defense? It's just another year where the crown is up for grabs.

  11. Completely random thing: It's my dream for the Eagles to sign Anquan Boldin to a one-day contract after he announces his retirement. Obviously it wouldn't make any sense and it wouldn't happen. But it'd be so worth it for the select people who understand why it would be hilarious.

  12. I made it through all of these points without bringing up DeS--- oh, nice try.

  13. Once again, this is the number of days left until the Eagles report for training camp. Full schedule here. BGN will have complete coverage of Eagles TC here on the site with daily live blogs, practice notes, and coach/player quotes among other features. I'll personally be attending every single practice and I'm really looking forward to it. None of this would be possible without the loyalty and support from all of you wonderful BGN readers. So... thank you! I hope to repay the favor by providing the best TC coverage around.

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