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Miracle at the New Meadowlands is the top play in Eagles history

The Miracle at the New Meadowlands just edged out the original Miracle at the Meadowlands as the top play in Eagles history.

Nick Laham

ESPN's Phil Sheridan has been running a poll this week regarding the best play in Philadelphia Eagles history. He narrowed the options down to three choices: 1) Miracle at the Meadowlands (Herm Edwards fumble recovery TD), 2) Miracle at the Meadowlands II (DeSean Jackson walkoff punt return TD) and 3) Wilbert Montgomery's 42-yard TD run in the 1980 NFC title game. Over 35,000 voters participated in the poll and the results were close.

The winner of the poll was the Miracle at the Meadowlands II, or the Miracle at the New Meadowlands as I like to call it. This play received 46% of the vote and just edged out the original Miracle at the Meadowlands (45%) for the honor of being the top play. It's hardly a surprise. It's the most recent of the available plays and it truly was a great play. It was the only walkoff punt return TD in NFL history. I'm pretty sure it's the best sports moment I've ever witnessed.

This play kind of carries an awkward context in hindsight. For one, the player that was responsible is no longer even on the team. The Eagles unceremoniously dumped DeSean Jackson this offseason following a career performance. Furthermore, the Jackson return seemed to mark the beginning of the end for the Andy Reid era. The Eagles finished the 2010 without another win and then only went 8-8 in 2011. Reid was finally fired after a depressing 4-12 performance in 2012.

Despite this, I don't think there's a problem calling it the top play. Sheridan raises a good point:

But I think this gets at the issue pretty directly. Our top three had zero plays by Randall Cunningham or Donovan McNabb, zero by Reggie White or Brian Dawkins, zero by Chuck Bednarik or Steve Van Buren. And yet, every one of those players made any number of plays worthy of consideration.

I think this is the best part about sports. It's unpredictable and entertaining. It's not just the all-time great players who make the best plays. Unlikely heroes can emerge when least expected. Just think about some of the fun Eagles plays in recent history. The LI-TO Sheppard pick six. Asante Samuel picking off Peyton Manning to beat the Colts. These might not even qualify at some of the best moments, but they're definitely memorable ones.

So let's do our own version of the ESPN poll. Vote below.

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