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The Philadelphia Eagles philosophy summed up in a simple phrase

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If you had to summarize the Philadelphia Eagles 2014 philosophy in a sentence or two, what would it look like? That's what Chris Trapasso of Field Gulls tried to do with all 32 NFL teams. Here's what his breakdown of the Eagles philosophy looks like.


The Eagles will be lightning fast with Chip Kelly holding the play-call sheet, and the team has the dynamic talent to move rapidly while remaining efficient. With a cohesive and almost unfairly nimble offensive line, LeSean McCoy should easily eclipse 1,000 yards on the ground and Darren Sproles is the ideal screen running back.

Jordan Matthews was apparently a stud at minicamp, and with the departure of DeSean Jackson, he should be in line to step into No. 1 WR duties sooner than later. Does defense matter? Sure. But with Kelly at the helm, it's all about scoring points. And more points. And more points. And Philadelphia will.

Not too bad. Of course, we already know that Chip Kelly's plan is as simple as "F**king score points." And while that's probably the best way to sum it up, Kelly comes off much more more eloquent when talking about the team philosophy to the media. Take these leftover Kelly quotes from Eagles OTAs/minicamp, for example.

Regarding the concept of "investing in yourself":

Well, everybody has the same amount of time during the day and you can either spend your time or invest your time and that's what we are trying to get our players to understand.  It's how you allocate your time.

We all have 24 hours in the same day and it's what you want to do.  If you want to go play video games and watch TV and do all those other things, you're going to get beat out by the guy that is doing the little things that are going to make the difference between making the team and not making the team.

When we talk about investing in yourself we are challenging them to understand every action you have that has consequences to it.  They can be positive or they can be negative.  If at the end of the day your goal is to make this football team or your goal is to be a starter or your goal is to be an all‑pro, you have a say in that matter and that's what we are trying to get across to our guys in terms of that.

And the kind of organization the Eagles stride for:

We had full attendance last year but just depends on what model of organization you want.  Do you want blind obedience or informed acquiescence or self‑governance.  If you have self‑governance, I think the individuals have more invested in what's going on because they have a say and they have a stake in it and we are moving towards that model but I don't know if we are totally there right now.

These are just a few samples of Kelly's broader philosophies. They're often simplified down to short phrases, or "Chipisms" as Chip Kelly expert Mark Saltveit refers to them. Last season there was a big emphasis on the phrase "Habits reflect the mission." I'm sure the same sentiment still applies given the quotes above and considering how hard this team works.

Now let's turn it back over to you. What's your interpretation of the 2014 Eagles philosophy narrowed down to a single sentence or two?

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