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More Eagles players suspended for PEDs under Chip Kelly than during Andy Reid's tenure

Time to bring back Andy? (No. Just kidding.)


While the NFL hasn't officially confirmed the potential four game suspension of Philadelphia Eagles second year offensive tackle Lane Johnson, multiple reports indicate that it's still likely to happen. If/when Johnson's suspension becomes official, it will make him the second Eagles player to be suspended for PEDs under Chip Kelly's tenure as the head coach in Philadelphia. Eagles linebacker Jake Knott was the first player to be suspended for PEDs earlier this offseason.

You may find it fascinating to realize that these two suspensions in less than two full years of Kelly's tenure are already more that occurred during Andy Reid's 14 seasons as Eagles head coach. The one and only player to be suspended for PEDs under Reid was veteran slot cornerback Joselio Hanson in 2009. Prior to that, you would have to look all the way back to Matt Stevens in 1997 to find an Eagles PEDs suspension.

So what's the deal here? Some have already joked (or seriously suggested) about how Kelly is spiking the team's post-practice smoothies with a little extra "boost." Other shots at Kelly's heralded sports science program have also been made. For some, the coincidence is too suspicious. But at this time there's really no evidence to suggest this is a problematic trend.

A number of NFL teams have recently had more than one player suspended for use of PEDs in a short amount of time. Just this offseason New York Giants safety Will Hill (who was released) and cornerback Jayron Hosley were hit with a six and four game suspension respectively. Washington Redskins tight end Fred Davis (now a free agent) was suspended indefinitely while defensive Brandon Moore (who was released after the news broke) ended up with a four game suspension. In 2013, Jaguars players Justin Blackmon (indefinite) and LaRoy Reynolds (four games) were suspended. So were Seattle Seahawks cornerbacks Brandon Browner (indefinite, changed to four games) and Walter Thurmond (four games). The list goes on.

If this trend of positive tests continues, then yes, there will be a problem. For now, the suspensions aren't atypical to others that have recently occurred around the league. Perhaps it's best to chalk it up to coincidence.

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